Anime I’m watching now.

I finally buckled under and got a subscription to the Crunchyroll Streaming Anime Service. While I joined the site, I haven’t joined any of the online community, but I have read their forums in the past.

So here are some of the Anime shows that I’m watching on Crunchyroll at the moment…

1) Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse

This anime was recently added to the Crunchyroll Anime lineup this summer. I recently didn’t know any thing about this anime or it’s background, besides the anime pictures that I saw on sites like Sankaku Complex.
More info here at the show’s very own wiki page.
I have a subscription so I get the episode as soon as it is show in Japan. At first glance, it looks like the standard Giant-Robot-Fighting-Alien-Monsters-with-Cute-Sexy-Girls-in-Skintight-suits Anime.
I had also read that the show was based on a series of popular visual novels in Japan ( I think “Visual Novels” are similar to Japanee PC dating simulators or something. Most Japanese Anime seem to be only 12 episodes, unless they are popular, then they get a full season or more. “Total Eclipse” looks like it will be the latter. It’s an interesting series, the main characters in my opinion need work though, Character archtypes are just too cliched ( Generic “stoic” main character, tiny “Moe” character, extremely busty character,etc. )
I’m currently up to episode 16 – I’ll stick with it. Maybe it will get better..

2) Air Master
At first I thought this was manga artist Oh! great‘s ( of Tenjho Tenge fame ) anime adaptation of his old ” Air Gear ” manga . The shows’s animation style reminds me of the late 70′s / early 80′s kind of TV fighting anime ( ala Dragonball ).

One the surface, the show resembles the Ikki Tousen / Tenjho Tenge kind of high school fighting anime, even though the fight scenes take place off school grounds, like in alleyways. The main character, Maki is not very interesting or fleshed out character-wise, but on the plus side she is sort of a Panty Fighter ( if you’re into that sort of thing hehe ). Interestingly,that type of “fan service”, when shown, is not gratuitous. I think there are 27 episodes. I may or may continue to watch it, I’m on the fence about this anime. I’m currently up to episode 3.

3) Asobi ni Kuyo : Bombshells from the sky
( Aka “Cat Planet Cuties” )
Based on a series of Japanese light novels by Okina Kamino.
This is a pretty interesting series , using the cliche, sexy-alien-girl-staying-with-a-nerdy Japanese ( actually Okinawan ) guy storyline ( in addition to having two other sexy girls vying for his affections as well ). It looks ( at least on the surface ) like an updated version of Manga goddess Rumiko Takahashi ‘s Urusei Yatsura .
You can see them for free at Cruncyroll here, if you’re interested. Funimation released the American dubbed version, it was something like 56 dollars at the Best Buy electronic retail store, it contained both DVD and Blue-Ray discs, I should have bought it when I had the chance, but I just got the Crunchyroll subscription at the time, and I didn’t know at the time that the broadcast series on Cruncyroll was censored while the DVD / Blueray were uncensored…. Oh well..I guess I’ll get it eventually when I have the extra cash…
I think there are only twelve episodes in the anime, I’m up to episode 4. I’ll stick with this series. See where it goes…

4) Puella Magi Madoka Magica
A started to learn about this series sometime early last year, after seeing tons of pictures of one of the fan favorite characters Mami Tomoe. I also heard good things about this series, and was intrigued, even though I heard it was a “magical girls” show.
Update: I finished the series. I recommend it, the show is surprisingly pretty good – a dark twist on the whole “magical girl” – type show ( even though I think that the big bad witch ” Walpurgis ” orgin should have been logically different ( Sorry, can’t go into detail for those who haven’t seen this show – I don’t want to spoil things ). I’d definitely would buy the DVD’s ( if they weren’t so expensive ).

5) Nyorko – San: Another Crawling Chaos
Not really sure what’s going on with this series – I think it’s supposed to be about H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos Monster / Gods personified as cute “Moe” Characters or something. So far, I’m watching the five minute “flash” episodes now, the regular animated ones come later, I hope. I’ll continue to watch it, I guess. I’m currently Up to episode 5.

6) Angel Beats
Meh. I can’t get into this show for some reason. About this guy who is dead and has to fight this girl called ” Angel” or something. I do like the character designs though.
I’m up to episode 2. I May or may not continue to watch this show. Time will tell.

7) Bakemongatori

I’m Up to episode 7 or 8. it’s pretty good. Weird, and interesting. Supernatural Mystery type Anime. And with a sprinkling of Fanservice. I like the good character designs by Akio Watanabe . I think there is also a companion series called ” Nisemonagatori ” as well. I’ll definitely watch more episodes and see where it goes…

8 ) The World God Only Knows

This show is about a Video Dating Sim fanatic ( Otaku ) and the cute Demon Girl that he is “contacted” with to help capture the escaped souls of Hell that possesses cute schoolgirls. It’s ok show – nothing to really write home about. I’m up to episode 5 – And I may or may not continue to watch the rest of the series.

9) 11 eyes

Looks Interesting – strange-looking magic / supernatural Anime ( with “liberal” doses of fanservice, which I don’t mind at all hehe ). I’m currently up to episode 2. I’ll probably stick with this show as well..

10) Star Driver

This pretty weird Anime seems like a mix of ” Revolutionary Girl Utena ” and ” RahXephon “. This show also has the first time I’ve seen a “Magical Pretty Boy Transformation ” scene and err… what looks like a “Flamboyant” Giant Robot.I’m not sure what’s going on, the story is confusing , but I think I may continue to watch this show. I’m currently up to episode 2

11) Inu X Boku Secret Service

Meh… Supernatural Anime Girl with Mysterious pretty Demon Dog Boy Bodyguard. Saw this type of Anime before when it was called “Inuyasha” Watched up to episode 2. Not my cup of tea. Don’t know if I feel like watching any more…

12) ( Demon King Daimao )
Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Ma? ( “The Great Demon King in the Back Row”)

This Anime was based on a Japanese light novel series written by Shotaro Mizuki and illustrated by Souichi Ito. While it has the usual standard geeric “Anime Fantasy World” ( even though it seems to take place in the future ),It’s pretty interesting story and character wise. By the way, this show has LOTS of fanservice for those interested in that sort of thing… :)
The main female character, Junko Hattori tsundere character is also good on the eyes ( She is the one with the samurai sword in the following trailer ).
( You can tell that this show was *VERY* strongly influenced by the Harry Potter movies ).
I’ll also definitely keep watching this series. I’m sure I’ll like it!

Demon King Daimao Opening Trailer

Player 1

So that’s pretty much the Anime shows that I’m currently looking at now, doubtless I will add new titles soon…

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  • Hi! I do not watch anime, but if I did, I would probably buy some supbcristion if it offers a good catalogue and has a reasonable price BTW, yes, I still read my two-updates-per-year friends’ blogs Go go Google Reader!

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