New Left 4 Dead DLC, ” The Sacrifice “

I’ve recently gotten really into playing the Zombie Apocalypse Shooter Left 4 Dead ( a game I’ve had for almost two years now before just playing it now.. ). I’ve recently played all of the original four campaigns ( “No Mercy”, “Death Toll”, “Dead Air”, and “Blood Harvest” ).

Recently, the folks at Valve ( the people behind ” Left for Dead ” ) just announced a new ” DLC ” ( Down Loadable Content ) for the game that takes place sometime after it’s last regular campaign, “Blood Harvest”.
The DLC for “The Sacrifice” was already available ( not to mention free! ) on my steam account ( along with other PC users using Valve’s Steam Network ) on October 5th , but I had to wait a whole day for it to also come on X-box ( Well into the following day, October 6th ).

The game was pretty good, I actually had set the Character assignment to “Random”, and I was playing as the “Zoey” character. It was this character that I actually “sacrificed” at the end of the campaign ( The goal of which was for any charcter to sacrifice their life for thier fellow teammate ).

Below is the trailer video for “The Sacrifice”:

“The Sacrifice” Trailer

Guess who bites the dust? Well, if you’ve played L4D2″ own recent DLC “The Passing”, you’ll know…..Since the cat’s out of the bag for months …..

RIP Bill…

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