Lightwave 10 is here!

Newtek’s 3D modeling software Lightwave 10 is here!

It looks good, And I do like some of the new features ( the “instant real time Viewport Preview Rendering ” looks nice ) but it’s too bad I can’t afford it now ( I’m still recovering from my Egypt trip last May….
More info about the new Lightwave upgrade here : Lightwave 10

I really don’t need to upgrade to Lightwave 10 right now, I’m perfectly happy using 9.6 ( I’ve had Lightwave for almost three years now, and I’m still learning how to use the software.. )
Besides, I don’t think my present rig is up to spec to even be able to fully take advantage of Lightwave 10′s new CORE technologies…..
Speaking of CORE, they say that one has to get the upgrade \ buy Full lightwave package before the end of next month ( September 30th ), or they will not be able to join the Lightwave exclusive “HARDCORE” membership ( see link above ).
Even though $500 is relatively cheap, I still think that I only see professional and / or FX type studios that have money to spend for this upgrade for use for their cutting edge work.

I’m sorry, but I think I’ll have to miss this upgrade train for now…

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