Olivia Munn is 30????

The Hot G4 show Co-host and Goddess of the Geeks, Olivia Munn is 30 years old !!!????

It was a shock to me – I had always thought that she was in her mid – twenties ( around 26 ) at most.
( And that Alison Haislip that used to do “The Feed” portion of Olivia’s G4 “Attack of the Show” program – ( who is also doing co-hosting duties while Olivia is off shooting movies and pictorials somewhere ) is close behind her in years too! )

Yes, she’s no longer a Spring Chicken, but look at these pictures!
“30″ must be the new “25″!
Oh well, she really looks good for her age, I hope she can keep it up when she is in her 40′s, like Halle Berry does now….

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