Monthly Archive for August, 2012

Hello Again

Hi there! It’s been one whole year since I posted anything on this Blog.I didn’t even do a “Happy New Year 2012″ post.Now why haven’t I done anything here for so long?
I admit I’ve been lazy updating this page, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been doing any type of artwork, or continue to pursue my little projects.
I’ve recently made a point ( once again, i have to say ) to LEARN and USE all these art / modeling programs on my computer. Right now, I’m focusing on Manga Studio, PaintTool Sai, Painter II,Macromedia Flash MX 20004, 3ds Max, and Google SketchUp.
For the past few months, I have tried to force myself to draw something everyday, and I do see some improvement.
I have also little by little working on my own little world building project ( but I haven’t updated the Kore Project site since 2010.) Fortunately I do plan on posting some new posts there soon. Anyway,a few months ago I purchased this really cool software called Fractal Mapper ( you can also get it here ) to create the land masses and islands of my planet.

Here is a picture of one of my prospective continents for my world project:

Hey, It’s a start.

What really made me buy this software was its’ “Globe View” feature,where you can export your created map onto an interactive 3D globe, where you can turn it all different ways.

I also found another world building software called Fractal Terrains, which is now up to version 3. It looks really good, I plan to buy this one as well soon.

I also want to update my other websites with my recent art and all, I should be getting around to do so soon as well, I’ll put up links here when I do.
And yes, definitely I’ll try to make a point of regularly updating this blog more often.