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Futurama in “anime style”

I’m a big Futurama fan, and I was super happy that Comedy Central channel brought it back from cancellation, and are making new episodes.

The upcoming 26th and final episode of the present sixth season called ” Reincarnation ” featured 3 different segments , with each having Futurama “reincarnated” in a different style of animation. One was animated in “a black-and-white Fleischer and Walter Lantz style”, the second segment was done in the style of a low-resolution video game, and the third segment, known as “Action Delivery Force”, drawn in the style of anime

I saw this preview clip on the Youtube channel, so I just had to post it here!

Action Delivery Force

Reincarnation ” is scheduled to premiere this coming September 11th….

( Update one year later ) So FOX blocked this video….Oh well, I’m sure one can find it somewhere on the internet…