Monthly Archive for May, 2011

Interposer Pro

I’ve been a huge fan of Fredy3D over at DeviantArt since I came there. I was amazed at his renders using Poser assets, along with his own 3D created ones – and since I also have Poser and Cinema 4D 3d software, that finally led me to getting the plug in that he uses, InterPoser Pro.
InterPoser Pro is a live Poser scene and content importer plugin for Cinema 4D.

I’m still feeling myself around this thing, and I managed to do a few decent test renders using the plug-in, as you can see above.

It’s only $75 USD ( It used to be $175 ) after you send in your Cinema 4D serial number, but if you have that 3D software, and want to render Poser content much better than even in Poser 8 or Poser Pro, then I heartily recommend getting this!
( IMHO, It’s much better than that Poser Fusion plugin from Poser! )

Stay tuned…..I’m only just beginning to scratch the surface of this tool…

My First Complex 3ds Max Model

I’ve been busy these past months learning 3ds Max – This is one of the very first models that I made using this software. I eventually want to make more complex shapes, but as the saying goes, one have to learn how to crawl before one can run…..Or something like that …. :)