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Just got Carrara 8 Pro….

I recently got a message from DAZ in my e-mail inbox that Carrara 8 was coming out.

Carrara 8 is here! It’s the only complete, all-in-one 3D suite designed to be compatible with DAZ 3D content. This powerhouse will help grow your 3D world and enhance your 3D abilities. Not only can you manipulate existing DAZ 3D content in ways you’ve never imagined, but Carrara 8 gives you the ability to create your own custom content from scratch. What more could you ask for in an affordable, powerful, and complete 3D solution?

Here’s a list of the primary new features in version 8:

• Pro – 64-bit
• Pro – Bullet Physics Library (beta)
• Pro – Network Render Optimizations
• Pro – Negative Lights and Photometrics
• Pro – Editing of Posed Meshes
• Multi-Threading
• Improved FBX and COLLADA Data Exchange
• Plant and Vegetation Improvements
• Render Time Optimizations
• God Rays and Barn Doors
• Normal Maps
• Puppeteer for Carrara

Sale Reg. Price: $549.95
Platinum Club Price: $384.97

Reg price for Carrara 8 Pro is $199.95
Platinum Club Price – upgrade from Carrara 7 Pro $139.97
Extended: Save 65% on Carrara 8 through June 15, 2010


(So in the end, I paid $97.98 for the upgrade)

The DAZ Forum Thread about the new software version is here

It now has support for 64-bit and multi-core processors (plus multi-threading) and network render nodes, if you’re looking for those features..

Carrara 8 Pro is perfect for those non professionals amateurs that who want a pretty good 3D modeling program, but don’t or can’t spend the thousands of dollars for an expensive industry software like 3ds Max or Maya.

( My Blog entry on the last version, Carrara 7 Pro is here , if you’re interested…. )

To tell you the truth, I really haven’t used the Carrara sofrtwares much, It seems that most everyone who is even serious into 3D stuff uses 3ds Max ( for game stuff ), and Maya ( for Animation ).
But I’m sure that i’ll be using it for something one of these days….

Back from Egypt! ( and the Lost series Finale )

Hi Everyone!


I’m back from my trip! ( actually, I got back a little more than a week ago.. )
It was an interesting trip!
Saw alot of ancient Temples, Tombs, and Monuments!

The Temple of Philae by *Shadamachaeon on deviantART

I started my tour in Cairo, then made my way to Memphis, then to Saqqara in the south ( Where the Step Pyramid of Djoser is at ), then to the Giza Platau ( where the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx are located ). I then took a flight down to Aswan, where I started my Nile Cruise up river to Luxor , then back to Cairo and back to ‘Merica.
With the exception of the heat, and the bad food I ate over there, I had great time in Egypt!
I took alot of pictures with my new Nikon D5000 camera, I’ll post some of them here in my Gallery ( I’ll only post a few, I really don’t want to have a huge photo gallery here! )


The final series Episode of LOST was broadcast the same night that I came back to NYC, so I not only didn’t see it, but I had no idea it was even on at that time.
I did managed to finally see it online a few days ago.
What the Hell?
So the “Island” was Purgatory all along?
Still not sure what happened in that episode.
Well, at least it was better than the last Episode of Battlestar Galactica…..

So long LOST!
Now I gotta find a reason to continue to watch network TV…..

( Now, this is how I think LOST
*Really* should have ended: )

(….Courtesy of @sirmitchell )