Monthly Archive for February, 2010

I got Corel Painter 11!

I bought Corel Painter Essentials 2 a few years ago, and I really didn’t do too much with it, unfortunately. I signed up to their website a long time ago, and they periodically send me sales and update information about their products from time to time. Recently, they had some sort of special promotion about the latest Corel Painter software, so I decided to look at it closely, I might just decide to get it.This special promotion thingy said that it would end February 28th or so. The sale also seemed to imply that buying the software was now slashed down from $400 down to $200 or something, but that was not the case. The $200, or more precisely, the $199 price was really just the price of the upgrade from Corel Painter 10. Anyway, after thinking about it for a while, I decided to go and buy the thing. It was slashed down from the regular $400 though, but not by much – Ended up spending about $369…
Even though I also got the Painter 11 User Guide, and the included Jeremy Sutton instruction video,I really have no “real” manual for the thing yet, so until I do, I’ll have to slog through it somehow.
Maybe I can find some practical tutorial for Corel Painter 11 on Deviant Arts or something.
But I’m glad that I have it though. I now have all these major art tools, and I’m at the point where I really have to start learning how to use them!

I have several pictures in the WIP line art stage, and I really want them to look great before I post them here online. I also want to learn more Poser Daz Studio stuff , before I post any more Poser 3D renders as well. I’m really trying to find the time do focus on my artistic endeavors, but usually that’s the last thing on my mind when I come home from work about 8:30 pm…
I guess I’ll have to try and find some time during work…:P

What else…. I really haven’t worked on my art website that much, but I did manage to set up my three webcomic blogs…One will be mainly a sketch blog, another will focus on “American/ European” type artwork, and the third would be more for Japanese – Manga style pictures. I have to now generate content for those now….Well, it looks like I’ll have time to do it now, there is going to be another major snowstorm hitting us here in the Northeast again tonight and tomorrow…Snowcalypse III….Oh boy..

Happy Valentine’s Day , Kiriban, and Family Guy!

February 14th is just another day for me.

I had to work today anyway.
I did send my mom flowers ( They delivered them yesterday ),and she said that she liked them, so that was good.
Oh, I did get a card from my sister, so it was not all bad.

What else….Oh, it looks like my DA profile just past 1000 pageviews recently. Was I supposed to do that Kiriban thingy?
Maybe next time, I’ll do one for the 20000 pageview mark…

I am still working on several pieces, I’m taking my time with them, trying to do as much as many as I can when I can. Working on a dozen pictures at once…Hopefully, they’ll be done at the same time, sorta… I’m no professional artist, I wish I was able to knock out a finished picture in 5 minutes like most people here on deviantArts….

Presently on Carton Networks’s “Adult Swim” block,I’m looking at the time travel episode of Family Guy, when Mort accidentally goes back in time to Nazi era Poland via Stewie’s time machine, and Brian and he follows Mort, and they go on wacky adventures trung to get back to our time.
I think they use the popular Lightwave CGI software to do the Aircraft scenes……..I bet they use cell shading nodes, or something…..I have to learn how to to that, whenever I get around to learning how to use my own Lightwave software, that is…

My Activities During the Second Snowcalypse!

I stayed home yesterday during the Huge Snowstorm here in New York City ( we were lucky to miss the first one that hit here in the Northeast this past weekend, but this time, we weren’t so lucky.. ). Earlier yesterday I spent the morning trying to shovel my sidewalk ( I have a snowblower, which I’m going to definitely have to use later this morning ). I don’t have to go into work today , but I have to come in tonight to cover for someone who can’t make it – I hate to go in, but I’ll do it only for the overtime!!

What else did I do during the snow in….Oh, I decided, after thinking about it, to finally install an upgrade to Adobe Photoshop ,to CS3.
I still plan to use 7.0 though – since even after five years of having the software, I still have not really learned how to use it. That was the main reason why I never upgraded from 7.0 and Illustrator 9.0 – I thought, what is the point of getting new software upgrade, when one doesn’t know how to use the one you already have!
I received the Adobe Creative Suite ( CS3) Design Premium bundle for a Christmas present about three years ago, but I never installed it ( I would have liked that I would have gotten the Adobe Creative Suite 4 (CS4) that was released around that very time,I would have liked to have had Adobe After Effects and Adobe Soundbooth, but hey, I think that CS3 bundle was on sale for that very reason! but I was happy nevertheless! ). I decided to install it today because I wanted to finally start working with the included Adobe Dreamweaver, so I can work on fixing my various websites and blogs ( including making a new custom template skin for this very journal! ). while installing, I decided, what the heck , I’ll install everything in the bundle, I might as well start learning to use the other stuff as well.
So I now not only have Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and Illustrator 9.0, but now I also have their CS3 equivalent upgrade.
Now, I have all these tools, I should really start to use them!
I have several 2D pictures in the WIP pipeline, and I plan to start doing some new 3D stuff soon as well!

Getting the Kinks out of the new place…

I finally managed to fix the remaining problems with this blog after moving to this new domain!!
Many of the plugins that worked in my old WordPress version 2.5 just do not work in this new updated wordpress. Alot of them just could not be updated, so I deactivated many of them. Before I loged out , I checked the blog. It was ok, I had to configure the K2 WordPress theme again after moviing the blog to it’s new home, but otherwise it was visible and functioning….
That was last Friday Night. The next day, I loged into the Blog, everything looked ok in the admin section , but it was only until I checked out the blog itself, that I saw that there was a big problem….
There was the dreaded wordpress White Screen of Death!
I spent the better part of two days and nights trying to fix the thing. I used my “Google – Foo to scour the internet for advice on fixing this common WordPress problem. I tried everything, from deleting and replacing my Plugin folder, Editing my wordpress configuration file ( with the added result that I also managed to increase the security Keys on it , as well as the configutration files of the other blogs ), editing the wordpress settings file to allocate more memory to the PHP code for the blog , deleting and replacing my wordpress theme folder ( the skins for the blog ), to finally replacing all the wordpress files with fresh new ones, ( with the exception of the database, the newly configured configuration file, and the setting file ).
After doing another wordpress update, a forced one, I thought I was in the clear.
Unfortunately, that was not the case….
In my researching of the problem, I read that sometimes the WSOD is caused by a faulty wordpress theme. So I then went to the “Apperances” section of my admin panel, and on that page, I noticed that my old K2 theme was not activated, instead, it was the default Kubrick WordPress theme. Before I chose the K2 theme again, I activated one or two of the other WordPress themes that I had on the page. The I went to see it they worked and I could see my blog.
For each one, I was able to see my blog again!
That left me to re – activate the K2 theme which I tried to do at first – I kept on getting a ” You do not have permission to configure this ” error message. Then I realised that I was clicking on the theme’s” “configure link, not the “activate” link…
Fortunately, the other four blogs that I recently installed three days ago at the Shadamachaeon domain were ok….. Now all I have to do is configure those as well…..That should take me awhile……. Then I will have to start putting some artwork up there as well!

BTW, Speaking of artwork, here are some of my latest stuff posted up over at my Deviantart Page:

I’ll try to post up more stuff soon!

Finally Moved teh Blog to!!

Yes, I managed to do it!
I finally managed to move this blog from my old domain to my new domain.
The old host was more or less a test domain that I’ve had and used for the past 10 years. I really didn’t do very much with it, except using it to host a few of my own personal picture website, etc. I wanted to have a more dedicated website domain where I could use more for my artworks and things, and to also use what I learned from the first website domain.

I not only managed to transfer this blog to the new domain, but I also finally updated it from WordPress 2.5 ( which was the version that I used when I first created this blog ) up to 2.9.1.
Not only that, I also installed four more blogs at this new domain, three webcomic type blogs ( One for random pictures, one for Comic -type artwork, and one for Manga-type artwork ), and one dedicated to this special world – building project that I’m starting to do.

So now I’m getting my new home here on the internet in order. Expect to see lots on great things here in the future!