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Happy New Years Eve! And New Years Resolutions 2010!

Wow, another year has come and gone!
So Fast!

Let’s see.. Time for doing new years resolutions for 2010, but first, let’s see how this year’s resolutions panned out…

1) “One of my new years resolutions and goals are to learn how to use , and master, all the 3D applications I bought this year.”

a) “Quidam 2 Studio” – Nope
b) “Maya 8.5 2008” – Nope
c) “3DX MAX 2009” – a little bit
d) “Cinema 4D ” – a little bit
c) “And I upgraded to Lightwave 9.5 from 9.3
This year, I actually upgraded to Lightwave 9.6 this year, not that I really did anything with it either…Unfortunately..
d) “I now have a ton of stuff for Poser – half of which is cataloged.”

Most of it is now cataloged, not all of it , unfortunately…..I wonder if I’ll even use a tiny fraction of the stuff I have now!

I am not planning on getting any new 3D software this year, maybe upgradee Terrigen 2 3D terrain software, and e GeoControl 2
Maybe Adobe Aftereffects and some other Adobe movie making software. I’ll have to see…”

No, I wasn’t able to get any of those programs this year, maybe next year?

2 ) “I also want to go back to doing 2d type artwork, like drawing on paper, as well as learn how to use Photoshop (I still have version 7.0, I want to learn how to use it before I upgrade up to CS )

I started to do allot of drawing last January, but for some reason or another, the output tapered off tremendously. I only started to do more artwork this and last month, and hopefully, it will continue into next year without stopping any…
I actually have Adobe Photoshop CS3 for a awhile now, but I haven’t installed it yet, since I still trying to learn Adobe Photoshop 7.0. I’ll probably install it, Along with the rest of the Adobe Premire Design Suit 3 Bundle that I have sometime early next year ( I really need the Dreamweaver and Flash components! )

3 ) “Anyway, now that I have most of the bugs worked out of this blog, I expect to post more offten here, and hopefully show some of the stuff I’m doing art-wise.”

I really haven’t fixed all the bugs out on this blog, and haven’t got around to doing the things that I really wanted to do with it…
But most noticeable change here is that I changed the name from “Galactamaeon” to “Shadamachaeon”, since the latter is the name I used first on my Youtube Channel ( which I don’t yet have anything up there at the moment ) and also at my DeviantArts profile page. This is to focus all my sites into one consolidated Art – Name area, at my soon to be activated Shadamachaeon web site domain!
I’m going to have to move this wordpress journal over to the new place, as soon as I figure out how…
And once I do, to change my posting name to ” Shadamachaeon as well!

Anyway…What are my New Years resolutions for 2010?
In addition to some new things added, they’re pretty much the same as last years, I guess…. And then some… :)

4 ) “So, to everyone reading this ( all two people! ) I wish you a Very Happy New Year!”

So, to everyone reading this ( all *six* people now! ) I wish you a Very Happy New Year!”