Monthly Archive for June, 2009

Original Poser Figure “Deco” and “Decoco”

Here is a free Poser Character called “Decoo” by a Japanese Poser Artist named Akatora at his site here.

It comes in two versions, a thin, regular version, and a more voluptuous model, as seen below…

There are clothes made for the Thin Version, but I have not found anything yet for the bombshell body version.
There is also a younger poser charcter that he has called “Decoco” located on that same page.

My First Autodesk Mudbox Model!

I haven’t posted anything here in weeks……I have to admit, I’ve been busy doing other things…Namely fiddling with POSER. I learned lots of new stuff in just these past weeks, considering that I have had the software for more than a year now..
I’ll try post some nice renders that I did here soon.

Anyway, I used most of my tax refund money to get Autodesk Mudbox 2009. It’s pretty good!
I’ve always wanted to get in to sculpting – even went as far as getting sculpting tools and clay, etc. But just have not really done anything with them yet. But now there is software that emulates sculpting and even painting models now.
I was originally going to get Zbrush, I saw heard of it before , the first well known and quite popular digital sculpting and painting program that many people in the CG world works with.
But I read that Mudbox has better features ( I’m not sure what they are right now ). But it is a little bit more expensive – Mudbox is $745.00, while Zbrush is $595.

I really haven’t had a chance to really work with it in depth, but I have been fiddling with it for a bit. The first model that I created in Mudbox is , like I did with the Lightwave and 3ds Max software, a simple cube, as seen in the picture above.
Well, it’s a start!

Here is a very good instructional Mudbox video off of Youtube, if you are interested..

Mudbox 2009 Tutorial 1- Wacom Stylus Pen & Tablet – 3D training series