Monthly Archive for April, 2009

First 3ds Max Object

I’m finally getting around to learning the 3ds Max CG software I have. So far, it’s pretty similar to Lightwave, but the interface is a little more complicated.

As in my previous post regarding Lightwave, I also started of by first creating a primitive base cube.
I hope to make some more complex objects soon. Stay tuned…

My First Creation in Lightwave!

If you been following this blog, you know that I bought Lightwave 9.3 nearly a year ago. I really haven’t done much with it since then, with the exception of upgrading it to version 9.5.
But as one of my New Years resolutions, I wanted to actually learn the thing, or else it’s just an expensive piece of software taking up space on my hard drive. I figured that I would start off learning Lightwave, since it seems , according to many in the CG industry, to be easier to master, and has a lower learning curve than Maya or 3ds max ( which, I hear is around two years, on average.)
After buckling down and actually beginning the reading the Lightwave Manual that came with the software, I was confident enough to fiddle around in the Lightwave Modeling interface, and actually begin to create something.
In Lightwave Modeler, under the “Create ” tab menu, I clicked the “Square” option and created a simple “cube” .

Yes, I know it’s nothing to look at, but it’s a start.

There are some good Lightwave tutorials out there. Lightwave 3D Tutorials seems like a good site for me to check out for a newbie like me.

Given enough time, I hope to be going from simple primitive cube shapes to this:


Battlestar Galactica vs. Star Wars video!

While surfing recently, Youtube, I found this gem…

Battlestar Galactica vs. Star Wars

This video was originally created by a user named “starmaster115” at site. The video was made in Lightwave CG software! Amazing!
When I was a boy back in the late ’70′s, I used to draw scenarios of what would happen if the ships in Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica got into a big space battle.
And to think that someone managed to do it in video!
I wished that the video was longer, but knowing how long it takes to render and compost in Lightwave, I understand why it wasn’t.
It does look like the Battlestars are completely overwhelmed by the forces of the Empire, but I think that liberties were taken though. In a *Real* fight between the two forces, the Battlestars would be definitely be using Nuclear Missiles against the Imperial Star Destroyers, which I don’t think that even deflector screens would be much protection against .
And I am pretty sure that Star destroyers used their turbo – Lasers, instead on Macross – Style Homing missles. But those are small nitpicks. I give this video , to use the language of the Gen Y kids today, a big WIN!