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Sexy 3D animation made with Autodesk MAYA!!

Here is a set of amazing Youtube videos of 3D computer generated animations made with the Autodesk MAYA software by a Youtube member by the name of nori98765432. He works at school of design in Japan.

His Maya model is named “MINAKO“,and has been working on her for about about 10 years!
Yes, I know, she is built pretty extreme ( for a Japanese girl! ), but hey, one has to admit, it’s amazing rigging!

The Minako Maya model uses Nucleus nCloth technology, which is a built – in cloth simulation tool for use in modeling in Maya. It gives realistic cloth dynamics to animation models wearing clothes.
Minako’s shorts look like they are created by bound/skinned/enveloped geometry (which means being deformed by the bones and not any sort of cloth simulations) .

Maya nCloth

Maya nCloth dance

Maya nCloth dance 2

Maya nCloth dance 3

Maya 3D jiggle

I like this one, of course…Hehhehe..
( I wonder, Is that the Maya Muscle tool being used here ? )

Maya muscleJiggle2 (HD)

I like this video as well..Hehehe…
According to nori98765432 the deformation of the boobs in the shirt were not created using nCloth , this is Maya’s built in “MuscleJiggle” tool.

Here, nori98765432 shows the process in which he sets up his MAYA interface on his PC:

My Maya 3D workspace

Seems like the Japanese guy has a site called WARNING! – Not safe to lok at while at work! Part of the site has some “free” pictures ( “pictures for guest” ), but most of the site is pay. But all one has to do is purchase the MetaDoll 3D CG collection 1 that is on sale there, and you get the password to the pay sections.

I really have to learn Maya software….This really gives me inspiration!
Now , wouldn’t you rather see CG animation like this, instead of CG pile of talking Jello?

Excuse me, I have to order the collection and do some…Err…”Research“….


Back at the New York Comicon in February, met an incredibly cute Japanese woman named Reni.

She is a Japanese Cosplay Singer – She does Karaoke Cosplay and Akihabara style singing and dancing. She told me that she is going to have a Japaneses “Maid” show the following month, on March 1st, in the City, and gave me one of the cards that she had been giving out to the other Con-goers.
I told her I’ll be there!
( She’s so Kawaii! )

Reni-chan performs at Top Tunes Karaoke the first Sunday of
each month — doors open at 4:30 p.m., show is from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m.
303-305 E 53rd St, Manhattan
(near Second Avenue)
No cover charge/one drink minimum

From her promos:
“The adorable, multitalented Reni-chan performs a wide variety of anime
songs — including requests — in authentic Akihabara cosplay style.
She possess versatile vocal stylings (from energetic J-pop to sweet ballads), dynamic dancing,
and sparkling, charismatic personality. ”

Here are some pics I took at her March 1st performance:

Her blog is here.

If you haven’t yet seen Reni’s show,
you are in for a treat!
She will have another Performance on sunday, April 5th.
I’m planning on being there as well, hopefully!

P.S. She is super cute and very friendly to talk to – and bonus points if you can speak to her in Japanese too!