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Missed my chance to post some of my artwork on a forum….

Actually, I had plenty of time to do it, I just wasn’t able to do it.

I was going to submit a picture to Warren Ellis’s REMAKE/REMODEL: Rex Dexter Of Mars Thread over at his Whitechapel forum. it started January 12th, and was just closed today , the 31st.

I did the initial sketches on the 18th, a week after the thread started , and I was glad that it was extended past that week, but I got the flu this past week, which put me out of commision, so I was not able to finish it by today.
I still have to scan it in, maybe either use Manga Studio , Photoshop or the new Sai graphic software I just bought online recently to finish it.
When I do ( and I hope that its soon ) I’ll post it here, and over at my DeviantArt Site.
Wow, January is over already…

I am now on DeviantArt!!

Yes, after giving it much thought, I decided to finally join the DeviantArt website site!

My page over there is called
on DeviantArt .

I’ve often checked out the place now and then, looking at all the cool artwork people have done there. It seems to be a nice community of folks there.
I haven’t uploaded anything there yet, but I will in the coming weeks, if not days.
While I don’t yet have a dedicated website for my art , in the meantime, I’m thinking of linking this blog to my Shadamacheon DeviantArt , so I may even get some traffic here!
Stay tuned!

Custom Girl 3D….Oh MY!!

( my first Custom 3D Girl creation. You can tell I have a kyonyu / Meganekko / Sailor Fuku / Zettai Ryouiki fetish.. )

3Dカスタム少女 ( 3D Custom Girl )

While looking up information about anime shading on Youtube, I ran into this during my research….Honest!

Custom Girl 3D

On further googling , I found even more info, and how to get it, if you are not in Japan:

The Hongfire Anime Network forum has alot of good information regarding Custom Girl 3D:

Here, Here, Here and

The torrent is here, and the uncensor patch is here, if you are interested….

Here are some videos of Custom 3D Girl in “action”….

3D Custom Girl

3D Custom Girl Basic Functions

Some outfit options for Custom Girl 3D

I installed the “game”, and the uncensored patch – the software seems to have a small RAM footprint, compared to something like “Artificial Girl ” Hentai / Eroge ” build your own girl software.

I even tried my hand in creating a girl, as you can see from the picture above. I haven’t really played with it, but It looks like something I’ll be tinkering with alot more when I get a chance!

The process of doing CG Sexy Anime Artwork – Step by Step!

I found this while surfing the internet last night…..I learned about the Super talented CG artist Ino Makoto ( 猪野誠, or “Ino” for short ), (whose works are more known for and familiar in the Hentai and eroge field of Japanese PC
” H – Games ” ), has put out a fascinating video of himself creating an illustration from scratch, in this case of the “Vocaloid” character Meiko, one of the earlier virtual idols that eventually culminated in the very popular Hatsune Miku.

The end result is a really sexy, but well done picture. Don’t you think?

Player 1

All of the videos in this post are from the Nico video site.

I like looking at videos of CG artists at work, and there are quite a few of these on the Nico website..There you can see some of the best, and of course I would imagine of great interest to CG art fans and artists alike ( as well as / or artist that are CG art fans ..).

Some of the subjects for these illustrations for the videos from the site that I have here are Hatsune Miku, Nagato Yuki and a Headphone Musume.

The software used for these types of pictures is one that’s called SAI,which is used predominantly, and some Photoshop.
easy paint tool sai is an art program that focuses on mainly anime style artists, and is very user friendly and can be learned in a single day, as opposed to Photoshop and other programs that take a college level course to fully use.
it seems to be a favorite program of Japanese 2D artist that specialize in this type of artwork, and is becoming steadily more well known outside of the Asian countries.
The first link is an english site where you can download the trial version the second is the actual japanese site where you can by the full version, its pretty cheap ( about $56 US Dollars ) compared to Photoshop (which I have ), and looks very good for the price, if you are not out for full digital manipulation stuff.
Even though these videos were from the Japanese Nico website, I first saw them at this cool English Language Anime / Manga place ( that leans more toward echhi and Hentai stuff ) called sankakucomplex anime/manga Otaku .

Hatsune Miku.( Miku Hatsune )

Player 2

Hatsune Miku Plus Alpha (naked).

Player 3

. Nagato Yuki ( or Yuki Nagato ).

Player 4

And the video of the creation of a Headphone Musume Picture.
Looks like I better fire up the ol’ Photoshop……And get to it!

More 3D generated Anime/Manga Characters and other stuff!

While surfing the internet ( at work! ) I found a really talented anime – style artist from Malaysia called XenoAisam.

He has a really nice page at Deviantarts , and a great blog at wordpress .

He has a cool instuctional video over at youtube, showing how he created his main character, called,
Mess-ing with Naluri in 3ds max

Mess-ing with Naluri in 3ds max

And here is a nice animated gif of the Naluri Chracter…

This looks amazing! One can do almost anything with CGI software nowadays!

Looks like I also have to learn and work more with 3ds Max software this year….

Welcome to 2009!!

Welcome to the New Year!!

It’s now 2009!
Nine years after the turn of the millennium!!

One of my main goals for this new year is to finally get around to not only doing some artwork, but to learn how to use all the Cool CGI software that I bought in 2008.

I was thinking about getting a DeviantArt account as well.

I really hope to do a lot more artwork than I did in 2008!

Stay tuned!