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New Years Eve! And New Years Resolutions!

Wow, another year has come and gone!
So Fast!

One of my new years resolutions and goals are to learn how to use , and master, all the 3D applications I bought this year.
In addition to the ones I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I now have:
Quidam 2 Studio
Maya 8.5 2008
3DX MAX 2009
Cinema 4D
And I upgraded to Lightwave 9.5 from 9.3.

I now have a ton of stuff for Poser – half of which is cataloged.

I also want to go back to doing 2d type artwork, like drawing on paper, as well as learn how to use Photoshop (I still have version 7.0, I want to learn how to use it before I upgrade up to CS )

I am not planning on getting any new 3D software this year, maybe Terrigen 3D terrain software, Upgrade to GeoControl 2
Maybe Adobe Aftereffects and some other Adobe movie making software. I’ll have to see…

Anyway, now that I have most of the bugs worked out of this blog, I expect to post more offten here, and hopefully show some of the stuff I’m doing art-wise.

So, to everyone reading this ( all two people! ) I wish you a Very Happy New Year!

คลิกๆๆ รูปสวยๆน่ารักๆไว้ส่งต่อเพียบ...

Doing Anime via Lightwave!

While browsing though the Lightwave instructional videos during my late night shift work , I stumbled on a channel by a Japanese CGI artist named Maguro0147 who useds Flash and Lightwave 3D software to do Anime videos… I think they’re amazing, it makes me want to learn how to use lightwave and the other 3D applications I have even more……..

こんな銅像はいやだ ( A good Bronze Statue )

Here is another one..

( A good Bronze Statue : Aftermath – Preview Animated pictures in Lightwave )

And Another one….

「こんな銅像はいやだ」-その後- ( A good Bronze Statue : Aftermath )

And Another one….

新学期 ( New term )

And Another one….

Lightwave test 「プール掃除」 ( Pool cleaning )

And Another one….

プール掃除 ( Pool cleaning )

He even has his own website here ….
Could this be the future of Japanese anime?

I’m Like Witchcraft…..

You walk a mystical path, and are a creature of the spiritual and the supernatural. You are introspective and self-reliant, but nobody will ever question your bravery or commitment to justice.

Take the quiz!

Now let’s start doing some Interesting stuff witth this WordPress blog!

Ok, I’ve had this WordPress blog for about ten months, and I really haven’t done anything with it.
But that is soon going to change – expect alot of interesting stuff here for 2009!
I’m going to try to add goodies here every day!

Here is a Trailer for the Anime Rahxephon. I haven’t really seen the series, I thought that it was a rip-off of Neon Genesis Evangelion

Rahxehon Trailer

It looks good – I ‘ll see if I can track down the DVD collection ( when I have the extra cash!

For the new year, I *really* want to do more artwork, ( which I barely attempted this year of 2008 ).
Especially using all the expensive 3-D software that I aquired this year – It’s not going to do anything by itself!

I downloaded DAZ Studio about six months ago, and I never really got around to learning how to use it – Same case with the other 3d rendering an animation program that I have – Poser. I instead amassed a pretty good sized 3d content library for use in those programs in the meantime.
I finally did my first render picture using the DAZ Studio application, in which I created the image by followed the instructions on the beginner’s section in DAZ instruction manual. I think it came out pretty well…..

I think it came out pretty good, composition – wise. I could figure out how to fix the problem with nipple “Poke Though” But you really can’t see it from this distance and angle. I know that many artist that do this sort of thing do post render fixing of the pictures in Photoshop or some other image manipulation software. I also think there is some sort of controversy on whether or not to perform post rendering on pictures. that one should do all the fixing of the pix within the 3d application, before doing the final render.
I like the way the picture came out. As soon as I learn how to add a back ground, and manipulate lights, It would most likely look even better!

Just the first of many many more!

Welcome to the first Day of Winter!

Wow! It’s been a while since I updated this thing. For the first day of winter, it was pretty brutal! There was a huge blast of coldness hitting most of the country, and New York City was just one of the many city affected. There was a big ice storm last Friday, and I would not have stayed home, and not have gone into the city, but not for the fact that I had to get my ID renewed for the new year, and also go to a Christmas party at a former department that I used to work for.
Afterwards, I hung out in the city for a while , trying to take pictures of the city in Christmastime.

It was cold and sleeting / rainy, so I was surprised that most of my pics that I took turned out so well.

Well, I finally got around to updating the K2 Sidebar Manager system. I had to go into my wordpress directory theme folder, and fix the K2 directory folder name, by removing the spaces between the words in the directory title ( “K2 Release Candidate 6″ had to be changed to “K2_Release_Candidate_6 ” ). I then tried to rename the folder in the directory, but for some reason or another, it would not take. I then had to upload a new copy of the “K2 Release Candidate 6″ folder into the directory, this time I renamed it , “K2_Release_Candidate_6 ” . once I did that, I deleted the old “K2 Release Candidate 6″ with the spaces, and after doing so, the problem was fixed. Now I am able to put all sorts of widgets and things on the sidebar(s). I still have some problems doing so, but it is mostly little inconsequential stuff.
I now have a message in my Worpress Admin control panel that I should update to wordpress 2.7 now… Like I said before, I am in no rush to upgrade right now, I can wait until version 3.0 comes out…