Monthly Archive for September, 2008

Happy First Day of Fall!

It’s the 21st of September as of this writing…First Day of FALL!
Where has all the time gone?

I’m still having problems properly configuration this web blog.
The K2 interface is giving me problems… When I try to use the K2 Sidebar Manager system , I keep seeing an error window saying:

The K2 directory: /““““““““/webdocs/wordpress/wp-content/themes/K2 Release Candidate 6/k2, contains spaces. For K2 to function properly, you will need to remove the spaces from the directory name.

I have to take a look at this – not to mention that I also keep seeing a notice on top that says:

WordPress 2.6.2 is available! Please update now.

I really need some time to fix this, but It’s hard to gather up the time to do it… Once It get most of the bugs fixed at this blog, I will then focus more on it. That is the plan….

I have a You Tube channel now – presenting……….. “Shadamacheon”!!!

Hey everyone! ( or anyone reading this blog… which is most like no one… )

I now have my very own Youtube channel! It’s called…..


There isn’t anything there at the moment, but ( hopefully ) soon I will put up my CGI Animation videos and 3D art there.

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all when I have something up …..

I may even get a Veoh and a Dailymotion Channel as well……

Stay Tuned!!

I Fixed My Artcomputer PC!!

It all started two weeks back, when I retarted my Artcomputer PC into safe mode, in order to run norton antivirus software to get rid off a pesky adware/trojan virus that somehow lodges into the registry. So with all my drivers disabled, and window restore turned off ( in order that the windows restore program won’t automatically back up the virus ) I ran the antivirus program, which after a while finished, and told me that I was in the clear.
So then I rebooted my computer. And walked away to do something.

When I came back, I was confronted with the Blue Screen of Death!!!

At first, I didn’t panic, usually when this happens, I just restart the computer again…..But when I did, I was stil looking at the horrible Blue Screen. After several more reboots, I started to panic. Stupid me didn’t back up any of my files that was on the hard drive, I kept on putting off getting a secondary back up hard drive for one reason or another.
I tried using the Windows XP installation CD, to see if I could repair the drive, first by going into the Bios to choose the option to boot from the CD itself
But when the time came to choose the “Repair” option, I did not see it at all.. Instead, it was asking for me if I wanted to install XP on the partition ( which I did not want to do, since in doing so would erase all my files on that drive! )
I hit “F3″ to get out of that, and restarted the PC, then going into the recovery console option of the XP disk now.
I remembered some of the commmands ( I used to do this every day when I was a PC technician ) and tired to copy the System 32 files from the XP disk to my non-working hard drive. But for some reason , I kept on getting “file not found” .
At this point, I though it would be best to just get a new hard drive, set it up as my new boot drive, and then transfer my old files to it. So I got a new drive same type of 500 GB Seagate drive as the old one, and set up windows on it. But then I thought, it will be easy to transfer my files, but the application will be a real pain to re-install and set up again. So why don’t I just copy the working System32 folder from the new working XP drive to the hard drive that was not working, so that it would be able to boot up again?
After several hours trying to do just that, I finally succeeded in copy and repairing that windows folder, and was able to boot up that old hard drive again! I was so happy, I really dreaded losing all those files that I had on that drive.
Many of my applications still work, but many, like my Norton Antivirus and Systemworks , my 3dsMax, etc. are not working, or nor able to run ( their windows settings were replaced / erased when I replaced the old system32 folder with a new one ), so I stil need a few more days to fix those problems until everything is running almost as it was before the Blue Screen of Death struck. I’m going to leave the PC turned off,and disconnected from the internet, since the XP / Norton firewall is not completely set up at the moment.
I’m going to reformat the new drive, and use it as a backup one, something that I really needed to do, which this event stressed enough….
Well, it’s good that that A+ Certification training came in handy this time! A huge disaster averted!

I am happy now….
…Well..That is….Until the next disaster strikes……