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Galactamaeon finally enters the 3D realm!

( Here is a post that I did back in April or May, I believe, but forgot to publish it…… I saw it hanging out in my draft folder, so , here it is! )

I was lurking in a friends forum a few weeks ago, when he posted a link to two videos :

Dead Fantasy 1 and Dead Fantasy 2

In the first Dead Fantasy video , there is a matchup between Advent Children’s Tifa and FFX-2 ‘s Rikku and Yuna versus DOA‘s Kasumi, Hitomi and Ayame in a Super Video Catfight.

Dead Fantasy I

In the sequel, Ninja Gaiden’s Rachel joins the DOA team, with FFVIII‘s Rinoa—complete with wings and Squall’s gunblade ( to correct her original uselessness ) – and helps out her fellow FF girls.

Dead Fantasy II:

The videos were done by an amateur 3D animator called ” Montyoum “.

I have to say, that this videos has really inpired me to create my own 3D video. I have researched the current 3D programs used today , and I think I can do stuff like the above video. Now that I have my powerful art PC up and running, it’s time to put it to good use!

Poser 7
DAZ Studio
Lightwave 9.2
Softimage XSI Mod Tool Geocontrol Worldbuilder
Maya ( Personal Learning Edition – will get the Unlimited version soon …That is, when I get the money to be able to get it… )
Bryce 6
Carrara 6

And here is a list of the software I plan to get in the future ( and when I have money )

Softimage XSI

( Addendum: As of 8/25/2008, my Art PC just recently crashed ( Blue Screen of Death ) , so I’m now in the process of trying to fix it…. More on that later… )

Hello Again!

Yes, I haven’t posted since May.
I’ve been lazy.
I don’t have the motivation to Blog every day like most people, maybe I would if I was younger.
It’s been a good two or so months since I last posted here, and the time seems to fly so fast. As I posted before, I had already and WordPress 2.5 back in April, so now here in August, I already have a notice from the software wanting me to upgrade to WordPress 2.6.1!
It was a big pain to upgrade from 2.3 to 2.5, so I think I’ll wait until version 3.0 comes out.
There really is no rush, I think.
What’s going on with me now….Let me see….
Well, I was planning to go up to my family summer house up on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard ( off of Cape Cod, Mass. ), but I Just recently check my work schedule, and lo and behold, I now seem to have been added an extra day!
Now it looks like I’ll have to do it sometime next month.
Same week as my 40th Birthday.
I’m going to be 40 soon…..Boy, am I getting depressed now…..