Monthly Archive for April, 2008

Welcome to the Upgrade!

Hi everyone ( or who ever happens to be reading this… )
Sorry I haven’t been doing anything here lately – I had to get time to upgrade this WordPress edition, and since it was such a task to just configure it at my own personal website in the first place, I knew that it would take alot of my time to get it to work one I did.
As soon as the new version came out, I got a message to upgrade from 2.33 ( if I’d known, I probably would have waited until 2.5 came out to set up my WordPress blog. While working on my night shift, I had alot of free time, so I downloaded the new version in a Zip file, and followed the instructions on upgrade. I won’t bother you all with the details, but I followed the instructions pretty well , ( unlike the first time I set up this blog here ). I did have problems once I did finish – I could get to my blog all right, but I could not access my Admin panel, and Once I managed to do so, and visited / viewed my blog again, I again would not be able to get back to the Admin panel. It would just take me to a “white page”. After fruitlessly trying to find the solution to my problem on the WordPress forums, I finally managed to find out that the problem was with my K2 theme front end that I used with my blog – it was causing the problems! Apparently, the version of K2 that I was running was not compatible with the new WordPress 2.5 yet. So regrettfully, I had to disable the K2 theme, and go baclk to the WordPress default. I’ll have to wait until they make a compatible K2 for the new version of WordPress.
Also, on my upgrades, I had to diable / deactivate the WordPress Blog plugins. I only had the two default plugins, a anti-spam and a back up database one. There was a plugin that I tried to activate, something called ” Livejournal crossposter “, which would post / copy blogs that I do here on my WordPress blog to my Livejournal blog, but I guess it too has not been upgraded to use WordPress 2.5.

I’m still learning and fiddling around with this WordPress thing, so far it look and feels far more flexible that Livejournal. There looks to be so many things I can do here… : )

Here is another of Shunya Yamashita girls…. I really have to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop !