Monthly Archive for March, 2008

My Second WordPress post!!

Getting used to this WordPress Blogging thing.. I really don’t have the discipline to do one every day.
I downloaded some new Themes for possible use in this blog, and some new plug-ins, but I just found out that there is an upcoming new relase of wordpress, 2.5……..I’ll wait until then, before doing any major changes here…
I’m going to gradually separate myself from Livejournal, posting less and less there ( which I’ve been doing anyway! ) but I’m going to install this do – hicky plug – in called ” LiveJournal Crosspost ” which posts your wordpress blog post to your Livejournal. It’s a nice and practical and handy application, I think. Considering that It seems that I’m the only one in my friends links that still somewhat regularly posts over there, it seems.

Let me test the image posting functions…
Here is a nice picture of the lovely actress Hayden Panettiere ( from the TV series Heroes ).

Hayden Panettiere

: )

Now let me see about attachments…
Let’s see how Girl portrait picture of Japanese artist Shunya Yamashita looks here….

Shunya Yamashita Girl Portrait

Ok, that’s working ok!

Now, let’s talk about something else here , besides my plans on configuring my WordPress blog!

Let’s see…There was a really funny episode of South Park tonight, one that parodied the classic Heavy Metal Movie. I saw it when I was a kid way back in 1981 ( a movie I would not have been able to get into, if not for my parents coming in with me… ). The Episode is called , “Major Boobage“. And trust me, there are lots of it in this episode!!

I’m sleepy…..Time for me to go to bed ….That’s enough for me right now…. : )

Hello world! I’m finally here at Worpress!!


Ok, with that out of the way……Let me start things here by talking about this place itself, WordPress, and how I managed to get here!
After a period of time considering it, I finally managed to set up the WordPress Blogging software here at my own personal site!
I’m fairly new to the world of blogging, I’ve had a livejournal account for a year and a half now. But there has been changes over there, and not for the better, it seems. One of my Livejournal “friends”( Ie a Livejournal that I have linked to my own ), the famous graphic novelist ( aka “comic book writer” ) Warren Ellis mentioned the gradual exodus from Livejournal,and mentioned alternative blogging sites and software, like WordPress. What better way to not only save money, but also free from censorship, sorta, by having your own blog at your very own website?

I haven’t written anything there in a while, I think I’m going to gradually transition from Livejournal to here by next September ( before I have to pay the new Annual Livejournal subscription, which is no small change! ). I’ll still keep it, but I think that after my subscription expires, it will revert to the basic Livejournal template. At that point, I’ll most likely drop it and go full on with this place.I don’t know, I’ll see how it goes…..

Anyway, It was a doozy trying to install WordPress directly on my site. I had to install it four times before I got it right! Good thing that I can do this at work ( it’s Easter Sunday! Yes, I have to work this day, and all Sundays for the immediate future ) I know that most users either use the WordPress’s own hosting site, or install it on other third party hosting site. it’s a good thing that I’m somewhat tech savy enough to not only install the wordpress software, but the K2 template as well! So far, it looks good!

I’ll tinker with the interface and explore the rest of the functions when I have the time. But for now, I am just simply glad that my main goal of actually setting this blog software up today!

Anyway, I am happy to be here! Let’s see what I can do to this place in the coming weeks…. : )