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Happy New Year 2011!

It’s 2011 already?
One year closer to the Apocalypse!
I think it’s also the Chinese year of the rabbit, or something. In that case, I should do a bunny girl picture or something.( I think that the Chinese New Year is sometime early next month, so that should give me more than enough time to do a picture or two ).
But I’m so incredibly slow with doing even one picture, that If I had to do this professionally, I’d probably starve to death out of poverty.
Anyway, one of my new years resolutions ( as it is almost every year ) is that to do more artwork ( I’m not getting any younger! ) – I have a whole bunch of pictures that I still have to finish. And to top it all off, my art skill doesn’t seem to have improved or changed any, I think. I must have about 100 + pictures and sketches in my artistic pipeline now, all in various stages of completion.
I really should at least post some up on my various art websites ( I have about four now, including this one, and they are mostly devoid of my art content for now ). I figure that if I concentrate and work on each individual picture, I should be able to post at least two completed pictures at week for this year.
I really should try to be more motivated to draw more. I recently got a small drawing pad for that very purpose, so that I will have the ability to. I just need the motivation and the will!
That’s one of the reasons that I like the DeviantArts website, there are so many great artiast there, it provides inspiration for me to do my own artwork. Demographic wise, It’s a site that pretty much has a younger ( and I mean under 30 ) membership, and not that many oldsters. The old people that are around are more than likely professionals, or talented amateurs. ( I know that I may never become the former, but hopefully the latter! ).
One of my other new years resolutions is to be serious and LEARN the at least some of the art software applications that I have ( ie, Photoshop, 3DS max, Sai, etc. ). It is getting to the point where I don’t have any excuse not to, even with my busy work schedule.

Modding Plans

I also plan to do some game development / Modding this year. I want to try and create my own character models to use in Crysis and Left 4 Dead. I have 3DS MAx 2009 and Maya, along with Photoshop CS3, so I should have no problem doing them.

I really want to try to do two characters from the Japanese Video Game franchise Onechanbara video game series , specifically from Oneechanbara VorteX ~The Descendants of The Cursed Blood ( which was released in America as Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad on the X-box 360 game console system ).
The first one…
Anna: A special force soldier who meets and allies with the two sisters ( Main characters Aya and Saki ) early in the game. Her military background gives her access to firearms, explosives, and some (although not quite as sophisticated as Saki’s) mêlée combat techniques.

The second one….
Reiko: clones of the original Reiko Mizusaki. a bad turned good character in the series ( well, at least by the time of of the latest game, OneeChanbara:Revolution OneChanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers in America ).

I’d also like to make The main series protagonists characters Aya and Saki down the road, if and when my modding skills improves, and have the time.
Any other models I might be interested in ?
The Malaysian Gaming Modder ” XenoAisam ” has kindly provided his Miku model to the public that he created in 3DS max CG software.

I really want to see if I can try to add my own models, along with XenoAisam’s Miku model, in the games Crysis and Left 4 Dead. I’m sure it can be done…
Below is an exaple of an original creator model used in place of the original Crysis “NOMAD” character model in the Crysis game and the a few original charcters used in place of the original four for Left 4 Dead (2) characters:

Using a Custom Model in 3rd and 1st Person View in Crysis

Miku as Zoey in L4D

Replaced Zoey model with Hatsune Miku in Left 4 Dead 1

Lucky Star Survivor Mods for L4D2

Lucky Star MikuMikuDance models for Left 4 Dead 2 from the VPVP wiki .

Left 4 Dead 2: K-On Edition from the VPVP wiki

Mio = Coach
Ritsu = Nick
Yui = Rochelle
Mugi = Ellis
Azu-nyan = Zoey

K-On Survivor Models for L4D2

Looking at these above examles,, maybe I should try to work on a ” Survivor pack ” of for Highschool of the Dead?

Thats a thought……I gotta see the anime ( let alone get the manga ) now…

Eric Cartman + Cthullu = Totally Awesome ( Part 2 )

Coon vs. Coon & Friends
” In the finale of this epic three-part saga, the Coon shows himself to be even more evil than the dark lord, Cthulhu, as he cruelly takes revenge on his former partners in Coon & Friends. Meanwhile, Kenny wrestles with the weight of his super power via his alter-ego, Mysterion. As the battle rages, it is left to Mysterion and the constantly underrated Mintberry Crunch to save the day. ”

Cartman and Cthulhu teams up to get rid of everything “evil” – First they started with Burning Man event, hippies and Whole Foods, but then moved on to their “most challenging and most evil opponent,” Justin Bieber .
Cartman said he had to kill Bieber “In order to save the Earth,” adding “this little butthole had to be stopped.”

I really liked the dialoge near the end, when Kenny (as Mysterion) confronts Cartman (as The Coon) after Cthullu kills Justin Beiber and his fans:

Cartman (as The Coon): ” I’m making the world a better place.
Kenny (as Mysterion): ” For you! A better place for you!
Cartman (as The Coon): ” That’s what superheroes do!

Matt and Trey ( the guys behind South Park ) really went all out for these three story arc episodes. And If you are a Lovecraft fan, it was a special treat. lots of ” Fan Service” things from the Mythos, like R’Lyeh ( shown not as a submerged Island in the pacific, but sort of a world in another dimension ) , The Necronomicon , Abdul Alhazred ( unfortunately not as ” The Mad Arab”, but now as a Mad Prince!), The Elder Things , and not to mention the explanation of Kenny’s “Resurrection” ability, etc.

The Coon and Friends / Mysterion Arc is pretty much the highlight of South Park’s Season 14 for me , so far.

Eric Cartman + Cthullu = Totally Awesome

South Park is one of my favorite shows on TV. Sometimes there is an episodes suring a season that kind of stands out, and becomes my favorite. the recent “Coon and Friends”, s Three-episode story arc trilogy was one of them.

Coon 2: Hindsight
The Coon has expanded his justice league to include a team of crime-fighters known as Coon and Friends. But another superhero keeps grabbing all the headlines. Captain Hindsight becomes the Coons biggest challenge. While the nation looks for a hero to get them through a national disaster, dissention develops within the ranks of Coon and Friends.

Mysterion Rises
In the second part of this memorable trilogy, Coon and Friends, now led by Mysterion, work together to help save the people of the Gulf from the dark lord, Cthulhu. The Coon, scorned by his fellow super heroes and working alone, is out for revenge.

You could tell that they really reseached their superhero mythology, not to mention Lovecraft lore with these episodes.
I remember once talking to a friend YEARS ago, around the time South Park was just starting, and suggested that there should be a show where Cartman meets HP Lovecrafts’ “Dark Lord” , and the other “Old Ones”, that it would be a wacked episode.
But Eric Cartman actually befriending Cthullu— A Match made in R’Lyeh!

( Part 2 of this post is coming! )

New Left 4 Dead DLC, ” The Sacrifice “

I’ve recently gotten really into playing the Zombie Apocalypse Shooter Left 4 Dead ( a game I’ve had for almost two years now before just playing it now.. ). I’ve recently played all of the original four campaigns ( “No Mercy”, “Death Toll”, “Dead Air”, and “Blood Harvest” ).

Recently, the folks at Valve ( the people behind ” Left for Dead ” ) just announced a new ” DLC ” ( Down Loadable Content ) for the game that takes place sometime after it’s last regular campaign, “Blood Harvest”.
The DLC for “The Sacrifice” was already available ( not to mention free! ) on my steam account ( along with other PC users using Valve’s Steam Network ) on October 5th , but I had to wait a whole day for it to also come on X-box ( Well into the following day, October 6th ).

The game was pretty good, I actually had set the Character assignment to “Random”, and I was playing as the “Zoey” character. It was this character that I actually “sacrificed” at the end of the campaign ( The goal of which was for any charcter to sacrifice their life for thier fellow teammate ).

Below is the trailer video for “The Sacrifice”:

“The Sacrifice” Trailer

Guess who bites the dust? Well, if you’ve played L4D2″ own recent DLC “The Passing”, you’ll know…..Since the cat’s out of the bag for months …..

RIP Bill…

Original Poser Figure “Deco” and “Decoco”

Here is a free Poser Character called “Decoo” by a Japanese Poser Artist named Akatora at his site here.

It comes in two versions, a thin, regular version, and a more voluptuous model, as seen below…

There are clothes made for the Thin Version, but I have not found anything yet for the bombshell body version.
There is also a younger poser charcter that he has called “Decoco” located on that same page.

Sexy 3D animation made with Autodesk MAYA!!

Here is a set of amazing Youtube videos of 3D computer generated animations made with the Autodesk MAYA software by a Youtube member by the name of nori98765432. He works at school of design in Japan.

His Maya model is named “MINAKO“,and has been working on her for about about 10 years!
Yes, I know, she is built pretty extreme ( for a Japanese girl! ), but hey, one has to admit, it’s amazing rigging!

The Minako Maya model uses Nucleus nCloth technology, which is a built – in cloth simulation tool for use in modeling in Maya. It gives realistic cloth dynamics to animation models wearing clothes.
Minako’s shorts look like they are created by bound/skinned/enveloped geometry (which means being deformed by the bones and not any sort of cloth simulations) .

Maya nCloth

Maya nCloth dance

Maya nCloth dance 2

Maya nCloth dance 3

Maya 3D jiggle

I like this one, of course…Hehhehe..
( I wonder, Is that the Maya Muscle tool being used here ? )

Maya muscleJiggle2 (HD)

I like this video as well..Hehehe…
According to nori98765432 the deformation of the boobs in the shirt were not created using nCloth , this is Maya’s built in “MuscleJiggle” tool.

Here, nori98765432 shows the process in which he sets up his MAYA interface on his PC:

My Maya 3D workspace

Seems like the Japanese guy has a site called WARNING! – Not safe to lok at while at work! Part of the site has some “free” pictures ( “pictures for guest” ), but most of the site is pay. But all one has to do is purchase the MetaDoll 3D CG collection 1 that is on sale there, and you get the password to the pay sections.

I really have to learn Maya software….This really gives me inspiration!
Now , wouldn’t you rather see CG animation like this, instead of CG pile of talking Jello?

Excuse me, I have to order the collection and do some…Err…”Research“….

More 3D generated Anime/Manga Characters and other stuff!

While surfing the internet ( at work! ) I found a really talented anime – style artist from Malaysia called XenoAisam.

He has a really nice page at Deviantarts , and a great blog at wordpress .

He has a cool instuctional video over at youtube, showing how he created his main character, called,
Mess-ing with Naluri in 3ds max

Mess-ing with Naluri in 3ds max

And here is a nice animated gif of the Naluri Chracter…

This looks amazing! One can do almost anything with CGI software nowadays!

Looks like I also have to learn and work more with 3ds Max software this year….

Doing Anime via Lightwave!

While browsing though the Lightwave instructional videos during my late night shift work , I stumbled on a channel by a Japanese CGI artist named Maguro0147 who useds Flash and Lightwave 3D software to do Anime videos… I think they’re amazing, it makes me want to learn how to use lightwave and the other 3D applications I have even more……..

こんな銅像はいやだ ( A good Bronze Statue )

Here is another one..

( A good Bronze Statue : Aftermath – Preview Animated pictures in Lightwave )

And Another one….

「こんな銅像はいやだ」-その後- ( A good Bronze Statue : Aftermath )

And Another one….

新学期 ( New term )

And Another one….

Lightwave test 「プール掃除」 ( Pool cleaning )

And Another one….

プール掃除 ( Pool cleaning )

He even has his own website here ….
Could this be the future of Japanese anime?