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Tony Taka Calender 2013

Happy Belated New Year!
And with the new year, it’s time to change the calenders…

Tony Taka Calendar 2013

Tony Taka is one of my favorite Manga / Japanese Artist, so , being a big fan of his, I try my best to get all his stuff. For example, his new Tony Taka calender for 2013 is really popular,and tends to sell out very quickly as soon as it comes out in late November. Unlike last year,I waited until the last minute to get it . I was really impressed with his last calender for 2013, so I was really looking forward to his new one.
I got the last one from over at J-List last year, but this time I waited to the last possible moment at the end of December to order the new one. Then I found out that it sold out. I then scoured the Internet to see if there were any Tony Taka Calenders still available. There was a promising lead at an Anime / Manga goods website ( I forgot the name of it at the moment ) which said at their website that it was in stock, but after I inquired about any availability of Tony Taka calenders, found out that even they were completely sold out of them.
This was January 1st.
After my fruitless quest to find this year’s Tony Taka calender, I quietly gave up, and just settled with my Shirow Masamune Sabertooth Cats 5 calender, which by the way, is currently over my drawing desk ( which by the way you can still get it over at Ebay if anyone out there is interested…. )
Fortunately,a few weeks later, near the end of January , last month, I just so happened to be browsing again at the J -List site , just to see if there were anything new there.
To my surprise, there was a Tony Taka 2013 Calender suddenly available again. They must have got an extra final production shipment in recently. That was the good news. The bad news was that there was only one calender left. J-list usually discounts their calenders in January, but since Tony Taka Calenders are so popular, I guess the J-list people thought would make good business sense to still sell it regular price. Despite that, the calenders must have flew off the shelves as soon as they came in, and now there was just one left….
Would I be able to order the last one in time?
I was completely broke at the time, but I would get paid on Thursday, so I was worried if it would still be there by then…
Luckily the Manga Gods smiled down on me, and fortunately the calender was still available by the time I finally got some money. I would have thought that that there would be literally thousands of other people all over the world just like me trying to get their hands on this year’s Tony Taka Calender.
Even though it was much cheaper, I didn’t want to wait for the calender to be shipped via sea mail ( SIX WEEKS!! ), so I opted for EMS. Shipping packages via EMS ( which is actually “Air Mail” is expensive, but fortunately I had some credit at J-list, so it worked out splendidly in the end.

Ordered the Tony Taka Calender on Thursday, got it the next Monday. :)

Cover of the calender ( I really like this picture )

January ( Missed this month, oh well..)

I prefer Shirow’s sexy pirates slightly better..)


And on my wall:

Here are just some of the pictures from the calender (much better quality):







Most of the artwork in the 2013 calender seems familiar – I would not be surprised if some of the pictures look like they were taken from Tony Taka’s previous art books. I don’t know, I kind of liked last year’s calender better for some reason.

Anyway, I’m pretty happy now that I somehow managed to get this year’s Tony Taka Calender after it being sold out practically everywhere.

The process of doing CG Sexy Anime Artwork – Step by Step!

I found this while surfing the internet last night…..I learned about the Super talented CG artist Ino Makoto ( 猪野誠, or “Ino” for short ), (whose works are more known for and familiar in the Hentai and eroge field of Japanese PC
” H – Games ” ), has put out a fascinating video of himself creating an illustration from scratch, in this case of the “Vocaloid” character Meiko, one of the earlier virtual idols that eventually culminated in the very popular Hatsune Miku.

The end result is a really sexy, but well done picture. Don’t you think?

Player 1

All of the videos in this post are from the Nico video site.

I like looking at videos of CG artists at work, and there are quite a few of these on the Nico website..There you can see some of the best, and of course I would imagine of great interest to CG art fans and artists alike ( as well as / or artist that are CG art fans ..).

Some of the subjects for these illustrations for the videos from the site that I have here are Hatsune Miku, Nagato Yuki and a Headphone Musume.

The software used for these types of pictures is one that’s called SAI,which is used predominantly, and some Photoshop.
easy paint tool sai is an art program that focuses on mainly anime style artists, and is very user friendly and can be learned in a single day, as opposed to Photoshop and other programs that take a college level course to fully use.
it seems to be a favorite program of Japanese 2D artist that specialize in this type of artwork, and is becoming steadily more well known outside of the Asian countries.
The first link is an english site where you can download the trial version the second is the actual japanese site where you can by the full version, its pretty cheap ( about $56 US Dollars ) compared to Photoshop (which I have ), and looks very good for the price, if you are not out for full digital manipulation stuff.
Even though these videos were from the Japanese Nico website, I first saw them at this cool English Language Anime / Manga place ( that leans more toward echhi and Hentai stuff ) called sankakucomplex anime/manga Otaku .

Hatsune Miku.( Miku Hatsune )

Player 2

Hatsune Miku Plus Alpha (naked).

Player 3

. Nagato Yuki ( or Yuki Nagato ).

Player 4

And the video of the creation of a Headphone Musume Picture.
Looks like I better fire up the ol’ Photoshop……And get to it!