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Tony Taka Calender 2013

Happy Belated New Year!
And with the new year, it’s time to change the calenders…

Tony Taka Calendar 2013

Tony Taka is one of my favorite Manga / Japanese Artist, so , being a big fan of his, I try my best to get all his stuff. For example, his new Tony Taka calender for 2013 is really popular,and tends to sell out very quickly as soon as it comes out in late November. Unlike last year,I waited until the last minute to get it . I was really impressed with his last calender for 2013, so I was really looking forward to his new one.
I got the last one from over at J-List last year, but this time I waited to the last possible moment at the end of December to order the new one. Then I found out that it sold out. I then scoured the Internet to see if there were any Tony Taka Calenders still available. There was a promising lead at an Anime / Manga goods website ( I forgot the name of it at the moment ) which said at their website that it was in stock, but after I inquired about any availability of Tony Taka calenders, found out that even they were completely sold out of them.
This was January 1st.
After my fruitless quest to find this year’s Tony Taka calender, I quietly gave up, and just settled with my Shirow Masamune Sabertooth Cats 5 calender, which by the way, is currently over my drawing desk ( which by the way you can still get it over at Ebay if anyone out there is interested…. )
Fortunately,a few weeks later, near the end of January , last month, I just so happened to be browsing again at the J -List site , just to see if there were anything new there.
To my surprise, there was a Tony Taka 2013 Calender suddenly available again. They must have got an extra final production shipment in recently. That was the good news. The bad news was that there was only one calender left. J-list usually discounts their calenders in January, but since Tony Taka Calenders are so popular, I guess the J-list people thought would make good business sense to still sell it regular price. Despite that, the calenders must have flew off the shelves as soon as they came in, and now there was just one left….
Would I be able to order the last one in time?
I was completely broke at the time, but I would get paid on Thursday, so I was worried if it would still be there by then…
Luckily the Manga Gods smiled down on me, and fortunately the calender was still available by the time I finally got some money. I would have thought that that there would be literally thousands of other people all over the world just like me trying to get their hands on this year’s Tony Taka Calender.
Even though it was much cheaper, I didn’t want to wait for the calender to be shipped via sea mail ( SIX WEEKS!! ), so I opted for EMS. Shipping packages via EMS ( which is actually “Air Mail” is expensive, but fortunately I had some credit at J-list, so it worked out splendidly in the end.

Ordered the Tony Taka Calender on Thursday, got it the next Monday. :)

Cover of the calender ( I really like this picture )

January ( Missed this month, oh well..)

I prefer Shirow’s sexy pirates slightly better..)


And on my wall:

Here are just some of the pictures from the calender (much better quality):







Most of the artwork in the 2013 calender seems familiar – I would not be surprised if some of the pictures look like they were taken from Tony Taka’s previous art books. I don’t know, I kind of liked last year’s calender better for some reason.

Anyway, I’m pretty happy now that I somehow managed to get this year’s Tony Taka Calender after it being sold out practically everywhere.

Who Will Be Eaten First?

Artist Howard Hallis’s parody of Jack Chick religious pamphlets, “Who Will Be Eaten First?”, based upon the H. P. Lovecraft Cthulhu Mythos.
( This actually resulted in Chick’s company, Chick Publications to issue him a cease and desist letter for Hallis to remove it from his website ).

But I managed to find it at another blog site and I hope I don’t get in trouble for posting it here…. :)

Art by Howard Hallis

I think this is an incredibly ingenious work of art , and anyone else who happen to have a good working knowledge of H.P. Lovecraft’s classic “Cthullu Mythos” stories of the early 20th century. Howard Hallis parody of the pamphlets of the well known Jack Chick religious fundamentalist Christian evangelical tracts succeeds in illustrating the main ideas and themes ( not to mention the atmosphere ) of Lovecraft’s Mythos stories.

Happy New Year 2011!

It’s 2011 already?
One year closer to the Apocalypse!
I think it’s also the Chinese year of the rabbit, or something. In that case, I should do a bunny girl picture or something.( I think that the Chinese New Year is sometime early next month, so that should give me more than enough time to do a picture or two ).
But I’m so incredibly slow with doing even one picture, that If I had to do this professionally, I’d probably starve to death out of poverty.
Anyway, one of my new years resolutions ( as it is almost every year ) is that to do more artwork ( I’m not getting any younger! ) – I have a whole bunch of pictures that I still have to finish. And to top it all off, my art skill doesn’t seem to have improved or changed any, I think. I must have about 100 + pictures and sketches in my artistic pipeline now, all in various stages of completion.
I really should at least post some up on my various art websites ( I have about four now, including this one, and they are mostly devoid of my art content for now ). I figure that if I concentrate and work on each individual picture, I should be able to post at least two completed pictures at week for this year.
I really should try to be more motivated to draw more. I recently got a small drawing pad for that very purpose, so that I will have the ability to. I just need the motivation and the will!
That’s one of the reasons that I like the DeviantArts website, there are so many great artiast there, it provides inspiration for me to do my own artwork. Demographic wise, It’s a site that pretty much has a younger ( and I mean under 30 ) membership, and not that many oldsters. The old people that are around are more than likely professionals, or talented amateurs. ( I know that I may never become the former, but hopefully the latter! ).
One of my other new years resolutions is to be serious and LEARN the at least some of the art software applications that I have ( ie, Photoshop, 3DS max, Sai, etc. ). It is getting to the point where I don’t have any excuse not to, even with my busy work schedule.

Modding Plans

I also plan to do some game development / Modding this year. I want to try and create my own character models to use in Crysis and Left 4 Dead. I have 3DS MAx 2009 and Maya, along with Photoshop CS3, so I should have no problem doing them.

I really want to try to do two characters from the Japanese Video Game franchise Onechanbara video game series , specifically from Oneechanbara VorteX ~The Descendants of The Cursed Blood ( which was released in America as Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad on the X-box 360 game console system ).
The first one…
Anna: A special force soldier who meets and allies with the two sisters ( Main characters Aya and Saki ) early in the game. Her military background gives her access to firearms, explosives, and some (although not quite as sophisticated as Saki’s) mêlée combat techniques.

The second one….
Reiko: clones of the original Reiko Mizusaki. a bad turned good character in the series ( well, at least by the time of of the latest game, OneeChanbara:Revolution OneChanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers in America ).

I’d also like to make The main series protagonists characters Aya and Saki down the road, if and when my modding skills improves, and have the time.
Any other models I might be interested in ?
The Malaysian Gaming Modder ” XenoAisam ” has kindly provided his Miku model to the public that he created in 3DS max CG software.

I really want to see if I can try to add my own models, along with XenoAisam’s Miku model, in the games Crysis and Left 4 Dead. I’m sure it can be done…
Below is an exaple of an original creator model used in place of the original Crysis “NOMAD” character model in the Crysis game and the a few original charcters used in place of the original four for Left 4 Dead (2) characters:

Using a Custom Model in 3rd and 1st Person View in Crysis

Miku as Zoey in L4D

Replaced Zoey model with Hatsune Miku in Left 4 Dead 1

Lucky Star Survivor Mods for L4D2

Lucky Star MikuMikuDance models for Left 4 Dead 2 from the VPVP wiki .

Left 4 Dead 2: K-On Edition from the VPVP wiki

Mio = Coach
Ritsu = Nick
Yui = Rochelle
Mugi = Ellis
Azu-nyan = Zoey

K-On Survivor Models for L4D2

Looking at these above examles,, maybe I should try to work on a ” Survivor pack ” of for Highschool of the Dead?

Thats a thought……I gotta see the anime ( let alone get the manga ) now…

Shunya Yamashita ‘s New Artbook Collection III ” One Voice ”

Shunya Yamashita after a long wait of a few years, has recently released a new new Artbook Collection III ” One Voice ” on Jul 27, 2010.

Here is the covers to the collection, and a Japanese ad for the book as well:

I’m a huge fan of Yamashita’s work, I have his last Art Collection ( Wild Flower ), even though I do not have his first art collection : Sweet Dreams ( 2005 ).
Here are just a few of some of his amazing new pictures from his latest art book:

I bought the book while browsing at the Manhattan Kinokuniya store – as soon as I saw it, I just had to have it! ( it was a tossup between Tony Taka’s “Shining Wind” series artbook collection, and this one ). it put me back a good 49.00 ( I did get a discount of $4.90, since I have a Kinokuniya Anime / Manga Member card, so the final price was about $44 ).
I’m quite happy I made the purchase – Shunya Yamashita art, along with his fellow famous Video Game Concept art / Chara Designer artist Hyung-Tae Kim works ( which I also have ), will really inspire me and motivate me to try and do similar works of art.
Stay tuned!

I got Corel Painter 11!

I bought Corel Painter Essentials 2 a few years ago, and I really didn’t do too much with it, unfortunately. I signed up to their website a long time ago, and they periodically send me sales and update information about their products from time to time. Recently, they had some sort of special promotion about the latest Corel Painter software, so I decided to look at it closely, I might just decide to get it.This special promotion thingy said that it would end February 28th or so. The sale also seemed to imply that buying the software was now slashed down from $400 down to $200 or something, but that was not the case. The $200, or more precisely, the $199 price was really just the price of the upgrade from Corel Painter 10. Anyway, after thinking about it for a while, I decided to go and buy the thing. It was slashed down from the regular $400 though, but not by much – Ended up spending about $369…
Even though I also got the Painter 11 User Guide, and the included Jeremy Sutton instruction video,I really have no “real” manual for the thing yet, so until I do, I’ll have to slog through it somehow.
Maybe I can find some practical tutorial for Corel Painter 11 on Deviant Arts or something.
But I’m glad that I have it though. I now have all these major art tools, and I’m at the point where I really have to start learning how to use them!

I have several pictures in the WIP line art stage, and I really want them to look great before I post them here online. I also want to learn more Poser Daz Studio stuff , before I post any more Poser 3D renders as well. I’m really trying to find the time do focus on my artistic endeavors, but usually that’s the last thing on my mind when I come home from work about 8:30 pm…
I guess I’ll have to try and find some time during work…:P

What else…. I really haven’t worked on my art website that much, but I did manage to set up my three webcomic blogs…One will be mainly a sketch blog, another will focus on “American/ European” type artwork, and the third would be more for Japanese – Manga style pictures. I have to now generate content for those now….Well, it looks like I’ll have time to do it now, there is going to be another major snowstorm hitting us here in the Northeast again tonight and tomorrow…Snowcalypse III….Oh boy..

My Activities During the Second Snowcalypse!

I stayed home yesterday during the Huge Snowstorm here in New York City ( we were lucky to miss the first one that hit here in the Northeast this past weekend, but this time, we weren’t so lucky.. ). Earlier yesterday I spent the morning trying to shovel my sidewalk ( I have a snowblower, which I’m going to definitely have to use later this morning ). I don’t have to go into work today , but I have to come in tonight to cover for someone who can’t make it – I hate to go in, but I’ll do it only for the overtime!!

What else did I do during the snow in….Oh, I decided, after thinking about it, to finally install an upgrade to Adobe Photoshop ,to CS3.
I still plan to use 7.0 though – since even after five years of having the software, I still have not really learned how to use it. That was the main reason why I never upgraded from 7.0 and Illustrator 9.0 – I thought, what is the point of getting new software upgrade, when one doesn’t know how to use the one you already have!
I received the Adobe Creative Suite ( CS3) Design Premium bundle for a Christmas present about three years ago, but I never installed it ( I would have liked that I would have gotten the Adobe Creative Suite 4 (CS4) that was released around that very time,I would have liked to have had Adobe After Effects and Adobe Soundbooth, but hey, I think that CS3 bundle was on sale for that very reason! but I was happy nevertheless! ). I decided to install it today because I wanted to finally start working with the included Adobe Dreamweaver, so I can work on fixing my various websites and blogs ( including making a new custom template skin for this very journal! ). while installing, I decided, what the heck , I’ll install everything in the bundle, I might as well start learning to use the other stuff as well.
So I now not only have Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and Illustrator 9.0, but now I also have their CS3 equivalent upgrade.
Now, I have all these tools, I should really start to use them!
I have several 2D pictures in the WIP pipeline, and I plan to start doing some new 3D stuff soon as well!

Original Poser Figure “Deco” and “Decoco”

Here is a free Poser Character called “Decoo” by a Japanese Poser Artist named Akatora at his site here.

It comes in two versions, a thin, regular version, and a more voluptuous model, as seen below…

There are clothes made for the Thin Version, but I have not found anything yet for the bombshell body version.
There is also a younger poser charcter that he has called “Decoco” located on that same page.

My First Autodesk Mudbox Model!

I haven’t posted anything here in weeks……I have to admit, I’ve been busy doing other things…Namely fiddling with POSER. I learned lots of new stuff in just these past weeks, considering that I have had the software for more than a year now..
I’ll try post some nice renders that I did here soon.

Anyway, I used most of my tax refund money to get Autodesk Mudbox 2009. It’s pretty good!
I’ve always wanted to get in to sculpting – even went as far as getting sculpting tools and clay, etc. But just have not really done anything with them yet. But now there is software that emulates sculpting and even painting models now.
I was originally going to get Zbrush, I saw heard of it before , the first well known and quite popular digital sculpting and painting program that many people in the CG world works with.
But I read that Mudbox has better features ( I’m not sure what they are right now ). But it is a little bit more expensive – Mudbox is $745.00, while Zbrush is $595.

I really haven’t had a chance to really work with it in depth, but I have been fiddling with it for a bit. The first model that I created in Mudbox is , like I did with the Lightwave and 3ds Max software, a simple cube, as seen in the picture above.
Well, it’s a start!

Here is a very good instructional Mudbox video off of Youtube, if you are interested..

Mudbox 2009 Tutorial 1- Wacom Stylus Pen & Tablet – 3D training series

First 3ds Max Object

I’m finally getting around to learning the 3ds Max CG software I have. So far, it’s pretty similar to Lightwave, but the interface is a little more complicated.

As in my previous post regarding Lightwave, I also started of by first creating a primitive base cube.
I hope to make some more complex objects soon. Stay tuned…

My First Creation in Lightwave!

If you been following this blog, you know that I bought Lightwave 9.3 nearly a year ago. I really haven’t done much with it since then, with the exception of upgrading it to version 9.5.
But as one of my New Years resolutions, I wanted to actually learn the thing, or else it’s just an expensive piece of software taking up space on my hard drive. I figured that I would start off learning Lightwave, since it seems , according to many in the CG industry, to be easier to master, and has a lower learning curve than Maya or 3ds max ( which, I hear is around two years, on average.)
After buckling down and actually beginning the reading the Lightwave Manual that came with the software, I was confident enough to fiddle around in the Lightwave Modeling interface, and actually begin to create something.
In Lightwave Modeler, under the “Create ” tab menu, I clicked the “Square” option and created a simple “cube” .

Yes, I know it’s nothing to look at, but it’s a start.

There are some good Lightwave tutorials out there. Lightwave 3D Tutorials seems like a good site for me to check out for a newbie like me.

Given enough time, I hope to be going from simple primitive cube shapes to this:


Missed my chance to post some of my artwork on a forum….

Actually, I had plenty of time to do it, I just wasn’t able to do it.

I was going to submit a picture to Warren Ellis’s REMAKE/REMODEL: Rex Dexter Of Mars Thread over at his Whitechapel forum. it started January 12th, and was just closed today , the 31st.

I did the initial sketches on the 18th, a week after the thread started , and I was glad that it was extended past that week, but I got the flu this past week, which put me out of commision, so I was not able to finish it by today.
I still have to scan it in, maybe either use Manga Studio , Photoshop or the new Sai graphic software I just bought online recently to finish it.
When I do ( and I hope that its soon ) I’ll post it here, and over at my DeviantArt Site.
Wow, January is over already…

I am now on DeviantArt!!

Yes, after giving it much thought, I decided to finally join the DeviantArt website site!

My page over there is called
on DeviantArt .

I’ve often checked out the place now and then, looking at all the cool artwork people have done there. It seems to be a nice community of folks there.
I haven’t uploaded anything there yet, but I will in the coming weeks, if not days.
While I don’t yet have a dedicated website for my art , in the meantime, I’m thinking of linking this blog to my Shadamacheon DeviantArt , so I may even get some traffic here!
Stay tuned!

The process of doing CG Sexy Anime Artwork – Step by Step!

I found this while surfing the internet last night…..I learned about the Super talented CG artist Ino Makoto ( 猪野誠, or “Ino” for short ), (whose works are more known for and familiar in the Hentai and eroge field of Japanese PC
” H – Games ” ), has put out a fascinating video of himself creating an illustration from scratch, in this case of the “Vocaloid” character Meiko, one of the earlier virtual idols that eventually culminated in the very popular Hatsune Miku.

The end result is a really sexy, but well done picture. Don’t you think?

Player 1

All of the videos in this post are from the Nico video site.

I like looking at videos of CG artists at work, and there are quite a few of these on the Nico website..There you can see some of the best, and of course I would imagine of great interest to CG art fans and artists alike ( as well as / or artist that are CG art fans ..).

Some of the subjects for these illustrations for the videos from the site that I have here are Hatsune Miku, Nagato Yuki and a Headphone Musume.

The software used for these types of pictures is one that’s called SAI,which is used predominantly, and some Photoshop.
easy paint tool sai is an art program that focuses on mainly anime style artists, and is very user friendly and can be learned in a single day, as opposed to Photoshop and other programs that take a college level course to fully use.
it seems to be a favorite program of Japanese 2D artist that specialize in this type of artwork, and is becoming steadily more well known outside of the Asian countries.
The first link is an english site where you can download the trial version the second is the actual japanese site where you can by the full version, its pretty cheap ( about $56 US Dollars ) compared to Photoshop (which I have ), and looks very good for the price, if you are not out for full digital manipulation stuff.
Even though these videos were from the Japanese Nico website, I first saw them at this cool English Language Anime / Manga place ( that leans more toward echhi and Hentai stuff ) called sankakucomplex anime/manga Otaku .

Hatsune Miku.( Miku Hatsune )

Player 2

Hatsune Miku Plus Alpha (naked).

Player 3

. Nagato Yuki ( or Yuki Nagato ).

Player 4

And the video of the creation of a Headphone Musume Picture.
Looks like I better fire up the ol’ Photoshop……And get to it!

Now let’s start doing some Interesting stuff witth this WordPress blog!

Ok, I’ve had this WordPress blog for about ten months, and I really haven’t done anything with it.
But that is soon going to change – expect alot of interesting stuff here for 2009!
I’m going to try to add goodies here every day!

Here is a Trailer for the Anime Rahxephon. I haven’t really seen the series, I thought that it was a rip-off of Neon Genesis Evangelion

Rahxehon Trailer

It looks good – I ‘ll see if I can track down the DVD collection ( when I have the extra cash!

For the new year, I *really* want to do more artwork, ( which I barely attempted this year of 2008 ).
Especially using all the expensive 3-D software that I aquired this year – It’s not going to do anything by itself!

I downloaded DAZ Studio about six months ago, and I never really got around to learning how to use it – Same case with the other 3d rendering an animation program that I have – Poser. I instead amassed a pretty good sized 3d content library for use in those programs in the meantime.
I finally did my first render picture using the DAZ Studio application, in which I created the image by followed the instructions on the beginner’s section in DAZ instruction manual. I think it came out pretty well…..

I think it came out pretty good, composition – wise. I could figure out how to fix the problem with nipple “Poke Though” But you really can’t see it from this distance and angle. I know that many artist that do this sort of thing do post render fixing of the pictures in Photoshop or some other image manipulation software. I also think there is some sort of controversy on whether or not to perform post rendering on pictures. that one should do all the fixing of the pix within the 3d application, before doing the final render.
I like the way the picture came out. As soon as I learn how to add a back ground, and manipulate lights, It would most likely look even better!

Just the first of many many more!