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New York Comicon / NYAF 2010!

First, I want to wish you all a happy 10 /10 /10!!
( This unique date only comes along once a century! )

I managed to actually get into this years’ New York Comicon! I ordered the ticket online, got it a few weeks ago.

This year the organizers decided to combine the New York Comicon and the New York Anime Festival into one giant convention.

One would think that a huge convention hall would be more than enough room for a convention like this. But there were just too many people for my taste. I could hardly move around in the Dealers room.

I think the organinizers of this combined convention are trying to hard to make it like the San Diego Comicon, which unlike this one, had 40 years to grow naturally and gradually, with the resulting increasing organization.

I personally prefer small conventions, the huge ones are too overwhelming at my old age – Most of these con goers are around twenty years younger than I am. As it stands now, I really don’t know whether or not I will be attending next years’ New York Comicon / New York Anime Festival.

Here are some of the many pictures I took at the New York Comicon:

Witch “Special Infected” , from the video game ” Left 4 Dead

Yoko Littner from the Anime ” Gurren Lagann

Lenalee-Lee from ” the Manga and Anime D Grayman

The Joker from the movie, ” The Dark Knight

…..And, my favorite : ) , Princess Leia in her slave outfit from ” Return of the Jedi

I may or may not go to next year’s con, I have to see how I feel ( not to mention if I have the money and time then ! )

New York Comicon 2009!

I went to The New York Comicon last weekend, here in New York ( of course! ) on Sunday 2/8/09. I didn’t have any money to spend there – the most i bought was a $ 4.00 issue of the first ANNA MERCURY comic. Despite that, I really had a good time there, being to a con like that gives me the inspiration to work hard on my own artwork. Hopefully, I’ll be able to go to the 2010 con the whole weekend, and with more money!