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Hello Again

Hi there! It’s been one whole year since I posted anything on this Blog.I didn’t even do a “Happy New Year 2012″ post.Now why haven’t I done anything here for so long?
I admit I’ve been lazy updating this page, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been doing any type of artwork, or continue to pursue my little projects.
I’ve recently made a point ( once again, i have to say ) to LEARN and USE all these art / modeling programs on my computer. Right now, I’m focusing on Manga Studio, PaintTool Sai, Painter II,Macromedia Flash MX 20004, 3ds Max, and Google SketchUp.
For the past few months, I have tried to force myself to draw something everyday, and I do see some improvement.
I have also little by little working on my own little world building project ( but I haven’t updated the Kore Project site since 2010.) Fortunately I do plan on posting some new posts there soon. Anyway,a few months ago I purchased this really cool software called Fractal Mapper ( you can also get it here ) to create the land masses and islands of my planet.

Here is a picture of one of my prospective continents for my world project:

Hey, It’s a start.

What really made me buy this software was its’ “Globe View” feature,where you can export your created map onto an interactive 3D globe, where you can turn it all different ways.

I also found another world building software called Fractal Terrains, which is now up to version 3. It looks really good, I plan to buy this one as well soon.

I also want to update my other websites with my recent art and all, I should be getting around to do so soon as well, I’ll put up links here when I do.
And yes, definitely I’ll try to make a point of regularly updating this blog more often.

Interposer Pro

I’ve been a huge fan of Fredy3D over at DeviantArt since I came there. I was amazed at his renders using Poser assets, along with his own 3D created ones – and since I also have Poser and Cinema 4D 3d software, that finally led me to getting the plug in that he uses, InterPoser Pro.
InterPoser Pro is a live Poser scene and content importer plugin for Cinema 4D.

I’m still feeling myself around this thing, and I managed to do a few decent test renders using the plug-in, as you can see above.

It’s only $75 USD ( It used to be $175 ) after you send in your Cinema 4D serial number, but if you have that 3D software, and want to render Poser content much better than even in Poser 8 or Poser Pro, then I heartily recommend getting this!
( IMHO, It’s much better than that Poser Fusion plugin from Poser! )

Stay tuned…..I’m only just beginning to scratch the surface of this tool…

Happy Birthday America!!!

…To my fellow Americans…..

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Birthday America!

She’s 234 years old today!!

Let Freedom Ring!!

4th Of July Emoticon

Unfortunately, I have to work today AND tomorrow :( , Monday July 5th , ( when Independence Day will be observed nationally….).
Well, the good thing is that it will be nice and quiet here, maybe I can *try* to do some sketches at least.. :P

Happy Valentine’s Day , Kiriban, and Family Guy!

February 14th is just another day for me.

I had to work today anyway.
I did send my mom flowers ( They delivered them yesterday ),and she said that she liked them, so that was good.
Oh, I did get a card from my sister, so it was not all bad.

What else….Oh, it looks like my DA profile just past 1000 pageviews recently. Was I supposed to do that Kiriban thingy?
Maybe next time, I’ll do one for the 20000 pageview mark…

I am still working on several pieces, I’m taking my time with them, trying to do as much as many as I can when I can. Working on a dozen pictures at once…Hopefully, they’ll be done at the same time, sorta… I’m no professional artist, I wish I was able to knock out a finished picture in 5 minutes like most people here on deviantArts….

Presently on Carton Networks’s “Adult Swim” block,I’m looking at the time travel episode of Family Guy, when Mort accidentally goes back in time to Nazi era Poland via Stewie’s time machine, and Brian and he follows Mort, and they go on wacky adventures trung to get back to our time.
I think they use the popular Lightwave CGI software to do the Aircraft scenes……..I bet they use cell shading nodes, or something…..I have to learn how to to that, whenever I get around to learning how to use my own Lightwave software, that is…

Welcome to 2010!!

Welcome to the New Year!!

It’s now 2010! A New Decade!
Ten Years after the turn of the millennium!!

I have so many plans for this coming year! I hope that they will be fullfiled…

For one, hopefully, I will be able to do much more artwork this year than I did the year before. I already have several dozen W.I.P. pictures in the process of being done.

First, I have to move this blog to my new Shadamachaeon site……I hope that won’t be too difficult.
I’m also thinking of adding two more Blogs to the new domain,
1) One that focuses on my own planet planet project that was greatly inspired by Furaha and Snaid projects.
2) Two or three comic-themed wordpress blogs , or in other words, “Webcomics”. I’m not sure if I’ll use Comicpress , Inkblot / Webcomic, Wpcomic, or all three. I’ll have to see…
I’m not sure what content I’ll put in it , but I’m sure that it won’t be too hard! : )

Happy New Years Eve! And New Years Resolutions 2010!

Wow, another year has come and gone!
So Fast!

Let’s see.. Time for doing new years resolutions for 2010, but first, let’s see how this year’s resolutions panned out…

1) “One of my new years resolutions and goals are to learn how to use , and master, all the 3D applications I bought this year.”

a) “Quidam 2 Studio” – Nope
b) “Maya 8.5 2008” – Nope
c) “3DX MAX 2009” – a little bit
d) “Cinema 4D ” – a little bit
c) “And I upgraded to Lightwave 9.5 from 9.3
This year, I actually upgraded to Lightwave 9.6 this year, not that I really did anything with it either…Unfortunately..
d) “I now have a ton of stuff for Poser – half of which is cataloged.”

Most of it is now cataloged, not all of it , unfortunately…..I wonder if I’ll even use a tiny fraction of the stuff I have now!

I am not planning on getting any new 3D software this year, maybe upgradee Terrigen 2 3D terrain software, and e GeoControl 2
Maybe Adobe Aftereffects and some other Adobe movie making software. I’ll have to see…”

No, I wasn’t able to get any of those programs this year, maybe next year?

2 ) “I also want to go back to doing 2d type artwork, like drawing on paper, as well as learn how to use Photoshop (I still have version 7.0, I want to learn how to use it before I upgrade up to CS )

I started to do allot of drawing last January, but for some reason or another, the output tapered off tremendously. I only started to do more artwork this and last month, and hopefully, it will continue into next year without stopping any…
I actually have Adobe Photoshop CS3 for a awhile now, but I haven’t installed it yet, since I still trying to learn Adobe Photoshop 7.0. I’ll probably install it, Along with the rest of the Adobe Premire Design Suit 3 Bundle that I have sometime early next year ( I really need the Dreamweaver and Flash components! )

3 ) “Anyway, now that I have most of the bugs worked out of this blog, I expect to post more offten here, and hopefully show some of the stuff I’m doing art-wise.”

I really haven’t fixed all the bugs out on this blog, and haven’t got around to doing the things that I really wanted to do with it…
But most noticeable change here is that I changed the name from “Galactamaeon” to “Shadamachaeon”, since the latter is the name I used first on my Youtube Channel ( which I don’t yet have anything up there at the moment ) and also at my DeviantArts profile page. This is to focus all my sites into one consolidated Art – Name area, at my soon to be activated Shadamachaeon web site domain!
I’m going to have to move this wordpress journal over to the new place, as soon as I figure out how…
And once I do, to change my posting name to ” Shadamachaeon as well!

Anyway…What are my New Years resolutions for 2010?
In addition to some new things added, they’re pretty much the same as last years, I guess…. And then some… :)

4 ) “So, to everyone reading this ( all two people! ) I wish you a Very Happy New Year!”

So, to everyone reading this ( all *six* people now! ) I wish you a Very Happy New Year!”

Welcome to 2009!!

Welcome to the New Year!!

It’s now 2009!
Nine years after the turn of the millennium!!

One of my main goals for this new year is to finally get around to not only doing some artwork, but to learn how to use all the Cool CGI software that I bought in 2008.

I was thinking about getting a DeviantArt account as well.

I really hope to do a lot more artwork than I did in 2008!

Stay tuned!

I’m Like Witchcraft…..

You walk a mystical path, and are a creature of the spiritual and the supernatural. You are introspective and self-reliant, but nobody will ever question your bravery or commitment to justice.

Take the quiz!

Welcome to the first Day of Winter!

Wow! It’s been a while since I updated this thing. For the first day of winter, it was pretty brutal! There was a huge blast of coldness hitting most of the country, and New York City was just one of the many city affected. There was a big ice storm last Friday, and I would not have stayed home, and not have gone into the city, but not for the fact that I had to get my ID renewed for the new year, and also go to a Christmas party at a former department that I used to work for.
Afterwards, I hung out in the city for a while , trying to take pictures of the city in Christmastime.

It was cold and sleeting / rainy, so I was surprised that most of my pics that I took turned out so well.

Well, I finally got around to updating the K2 Sidebar Manager system. I had to go into my wordpress directory theme folder, and fix the K2 directory folder name, by removing the spaces between the words in the directory title ( “K2 Release Candidate 6″ had to be changed to “K2_Release_Candidate_6 ” ). I then tried to rename the folder in the directory, but for some reason or another, it would not take. I then had to upload a new copy of the “K2 Release Candidate 6″ folder into the directory, this time I renamed it , “K2_Release_Candidate_6 ” . once I did that, I deleted the old “K2 Release Candidate 6″ with the spaces, and after doing so, the problem was fixed. Now I am able to put all sorts of widgets and things on the sidebar(s). I still have some problems doing so, but it is mostly little inconsequential stuff.
I now have a message in my Worpress Admin control panel that I should update to wordpress 2.7 now… Like I said before, I am in no rush to upgrade right now, I can wait until version 3.0 comes out…

Happy First Day of Fall!

It’s the 21st of September as of this writing…First Day of FALL!
Where has all the time gone?

I’m still having problems properly configuration this web blog.
The K2 interface is giving me problems… When I try to use the K2 Sidebar Manager system , I keep seeing an error window saying:

The K2 directory: /““““““““/webdocs/wordpress/wp-content/themes/K2 Release Candidate 6/k2, contains spaces. For K2 to function properly, you will need to remove the spaces from the directory name.

I have to take a look at this – not to mention that I also keep seeing a notice on top that says:

WordPress 2.6.2 is available! Please update now.

I really need some time to fix this, but It’s hard to gather up the time to do it… Once It get most of the bugs fixed at this blog, I will then focus more on it. That is the plan….

I have a You Tube channel now – presenting……….. “Shadamacheon”!!!

Hey everyone! ( or anyone reading this blog… which is most like no one… )

I now have my very own Youtube channel! It’s called…..


There isn’t anything there at the moment, but ( hopefully ) soon I will put up my CGI Animation videos and 3D art there.

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all when I have something up …..

I may even get a Veoh and a Dailymotion Channel as well……

Stay Tuned!!

I Fixed My Artcomputer PC!!

It all started two weeks back, when I retarted my Artcomputer PC into safe mode, in order to run norton antivirus software to get rid off a pesky adware/trojan virus that somehow lodges into the registry. So with all my drivers disabled, and window restore turned off ( in order that the windows restore program won’t automatically back up the virus ) I ran the antivirus program, which after a while finished, and told me that I was in the clear.
So then I rebooted my computer. And walked away to do something.

When I came back, I was confronted with the Blue Screen of Death!!!

At first, I didn’t panic, usually when this happens, I just restart the computer again…..But when I did, I was stil looking at the horrible Blue Screen. After several more reboots, I started to panic. Stupid me didn’t back up any of my files that was on the hard drive, I kept on putting off getting a secondary back up hard drive for one reason or another.
I tried using the Windows XP installation CD, to see if I could repair the drive, first by going into the Bios to choose the option to boot from the CD itself
But when the time came to choose the “Repair” option, I did not see it at all.. Instead, it was asking for me if I wanted to install XP on the partition ( which I did not want to do, since in doing so would erase all my files on that drive! )
I hit “F3″ to get out of that, and restarted the PC, then going into the recovery console option of the XP disk now.
I remembered some of the commmands ( I used to do this every day when I was a PC technician ) and tired to copy the System 32 files from the XP disk to my non-working hard drive. But for some reason , I kept on getting “file not found” .
At this point, I though it would be best to just get a new hard drive, set it up as my new boot drive, and then transfer my old files to it. So I got a new drive same type of 500 GB Seagate drive as the old one, and set up windows on it. But then I thought, it will be easy to transfer my files, but the application will be a real pain to re-install and set up again. So why don’t I just copy the working System32 folder from the new working XP drive to the hard drive that was not working, so that it would be able to boot up again?
After several hours trying to do just that, I finally succeeded in copy and repairing that windows folder, and was able to boot up that old hard drive again! I was so happy, I really dreaded losing all those files that I had on that drive.
Many of my applications still work, but many, like my Norton Antivirus and Systemworks , my 3dsMax, etc. are not working, or nor able to run ( their windows settings were replaced / erased when I replaced the old system32 folder with a new one ), so I stil need a few more days to fix those problems until everything is running almost as it was before the Blue Screen of Death struck. I’m going to leave the PC turned off,and disconnected from the internet, since the XP / Norton firewall is not completely set up at the moment.
I’m going to reformat the new drive, and use it as a backup one, something that I really needed to do, which this event stressed enough….
Well, it’s good that that A+ Certification training came in handy this time! A huge disaster averted!

I am happy now….
…Well..That is….Until the next disaster strikes……

Galactamaeon finally enters the 3D realm!

( Here is a post that I did back in April or May, I believe, but forgot to publish it…… I saw it hanging out in my draft folder, so , here it is! )

I was lurking in a friends forum a few weeks ago, when he posted a link to two videos :

Dead Fantasy 1 and Dead Fantasy 2

In the first Dead Fantasy video , there is a matchup between Advent Children’s Tifa and FFX-2 ‘s Rikku and Yuna versus DOA‘s Kasumi, Hitomi and Ayame in a Super Video Catfight.

Dead Fantasy I

In the sequel, Ninja Gaiden’s Rachel joins the DOA team, with FFVIII‘s Rinoa—complete with wings and Squall’s gunblade ( to correct her original uselessness ) – and helps out her fellow FF girls.

Dead Fantasy II:

The videos were done by an amateur 3D animator called ” Montyoum “.

I have to say, that this videos has really inpired me to create my own 3D video. I have researched the current 3D programs used today , and I think I can do stuff like the above video. Now that I have my powerful art PC up and running, it’s time to put it to good use!

Poser 7
DAZ Studio
Lightwave 9.2
Softimage XSI Mod Tool Geocontrol Worldbuilder
Maya ( Personal Learning Edition – will get the Unlimited version soon …That is, when I get the money to be able to get it… )
Bryce 6
Carrara 6

And here is a list of the software I plan to get in the future ( and when I have money )

Softimage XSI

( Addendum: As of 8/25/2008, my Art PC just recently crashed ( Blue Screen of Death ) , so I’m now in the process of trying to fix it…. More on that later… )

Hello Again!

Yes, I haven’t posted since May.
I’ve been lazy.
I don’t have the motivation to Blog every day like most people, maybe I would if I was younger.
It’s been a good two or so months since I last posted here, and the time seems to fly so fast. As I posted before, I had already and WordPress 2.5 back in April, so now here in August, I already have a notice from the software wanting me to upgrade to WordPress 2.6.1!
It was a big pain to upgrade from 2.3 to 2.5, so I think I’ll wait until version 3.0 comes out.
There really is no rush, I think.
What’s going on with me now….Let me see….
Well, I was planning to go up to my family summer house up on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard ( off of Cape Cod, Mass. ), but I Just recently check my work schedule, and lo and behold, I now seem to have been added an extra day!
Now it looks like I’ll have to do it sometime next month.
Same week as my 40th Birthday.
I’m going to be 40 soon…..Boy, am I getting depressed now…..

Welcome to the Upgrade! ( Part 2 )

Wow, it’s been like a whole month since I last wrote anything here?
Time flies…..
The update for the K2 Theme was finally released for the WordPress version 2.5. I uploaded it, along with some other themes that I might use, along with some-plug ins. that was some two or more weeks ago, about two weeks after I udated to WordPress 2.5, and found out that the K2 Theme front page template was screwing up this new blog of mine.
The new K2 theme has nice components buillt into it, but It seems that the plug – ins that I uploaded don’t seem to be working, or can be activated in the new Blog template…
I wanted to add Flash Video, calendar and the LiveJournal Cross Poster plug ins…But alas….It’s all for Naught…
Now it’s asking me to upgrade to WordPress 2.5.1!I think I’ll wait until version 3.0….I really don’t need all the bells and whistles now…

Well, at least it’s working now……
Time for me to stop talking about the WordPress software itself, and get down to business of actually writing a Blog….

Welcome to the Upgrade!

Hi everyone ( or who ever happens to be reading this… )
Sorry I haven’t been doing anything here lately – I had to get time to upgrade this WordPress edition, and since it was such a task to just configure it at my own personal website in the first place, I knew that it would take alot of my time to get it to work one I did.
As soon as the new version came out, I got a message to upgrade from 2.33 ( if I’d known, I probably would have waited until 2.5 came out to set up my WordPress blog. While working on my night shift, I had alot of free time, so I downloaded the new version in a Zip file, and followed the instructions on upgrade. I won’t bother you all with the details, but I followed the instructions pretty well , ( unlike the first time I set up this blog here ). I did have problems once I did finish – I could get to my blog all right, but I could not access my Admin panel, and Once I managed to do so, and visited / viewed my blog again, I again would not be able to get back to the Admin panel. It would just take me to a “white page”. After fruitlessly trying to find the solution to my problem on the WordPress forums, I finally managed to find out that the problem was with my K2 theme front end that I used with my blog – it was causing the problems! Apparently, the version of K2 that I was running was not compatible with the new WordPress 2.5 yet. So regrettfully, I had to disable the K2 theme, and go baclk to the WordPress default. I’ll have to wait until they make a compatible K2 for the new version of WordPress.
Also, on my upgrades, I had to diable / deactivate the WordPress Blog plugins. I only had the two default plugins, a anti-spam and a back up database one. There was a plugin that I tried to activate, something called ” Livejournal crossposter “, which would post / copy blogs that I do here on my WordPress blog to my Livejournal blog, but I guess it too has not been upgraded to use WordPress 2.5.

I’m still learning and fiddling around with this WordPress thing, so far it look and feels far more flexible that Livejournal. There looks to be so many things I can do here… : )

Here is another of Shunya Yamashita girls…. I really have to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop !

My Second WordPress post!!

Getting used to this WordPress Blogging thing.. I really don’t have the discipline to do one every day.
I downloaded some new Themes for possible use in this blog, and some new plug-ins, but I just found out that there is an upcoming new relase of wordpress, 2.5……..I’ll wait until then, before doing any major changes here…
I’m going to gradually separate myself from Livejournal, posting less and less there ( which I’ve been doing anyway! ) but I’m going to install this do – hicky plug – in called ” LiveJournal Crosspost ” which posts your wordpress blog post to your Livejournal. It’s a nice and practical and handy application, I think. Considering that It seems that I’m the only one in my friends links that still somewhat regularly posts over there, it seems.

Let me test the image posting functions…
Here is a nice picture of the lovely actress Hayden Panettiere ( from the TV series Heroes ).

Hayden Panettiere

: )

Now let me see about attachments…
Let’s see how Girl portrait picture of Japanese artist Shunya Yamashita looks here….

Shunya Yamashita Girl Portrait

Ok, that’s working ok!

Now, let’s talk about something else here , besides my plans on configuring my WordPress blog!

Let’s see…There was a really funny episode of South Park tonight, one that parodied the classic Heavy Metal Movie. I saw it when I was a kid way back in 1981 ( a movie I would not have been able to get into, if not for my parents coming in with me… ). The Episode is called , “Major Boobage“. And trust me, there are lots of it in this episode!!

I’m sleepy…..Time for me to go to bed ….That’s enough for me right now…. : )

Hello world! I’m finally here at Worpress!!


Ok, with that out of the way……Let me start things here by talking about this place itself, WordPress, and how I managed to get here!
After a period of time considering it, I finally managed to set up the WordPress Blogging software here at my own personal site!
I’m fairly new to the world of blogging, I’ve had a livejournal account for a year and a half now. But there has been changes over there, and not for the better, it seems. One of my Livejournal “friends”( Ie a Livejournal that I have linked to my own ), the famous graphic novelist ( aka “comic book writer” ) Warren Ellis mentioned the gradual exodus from Livejournal,and mentioned alternative blogging sites and software, like WordPress. What better way to not only save money, but also free from censorship, sorta, by having your own blog at your very own website?

I haven’t written anything there in a while, I think I’m going to gradually transition from Livejournal to here by next September ( before I have to pay the new Annual Livejournal subscription, which is no small change! ). I’ll still keep it, but I think that after my subscription expires, it will revert to the basic Livejournal template. At that point, I’ll most likely drop it and go full on with this place.I don’t know, I’ll see how it goes…..

Anyway, It was a doozy trying to install WordPress directly on my site. I had to install it four times before I got it right! Good thing that I can do this at work ( it’s Easter Sunday! Yes, I have to work this day, and all Sundays for the immediate future ) I know that most users either use the WordPress’s own hosting site, or install it on other third party hosting site. it’s a good thing that I’m somewhat tech savy enough to not only install the wordpress software, but the K2 template as well! So far, it looks good!

I’ll tinker with the interface and explore the rest of the functions when I have the time. But for now, I am just simply glad that my main goal of actually setting this blog software up today!

Anyway, I am happy to be here! Let’s see what I can do to this place in the coming weeks…. : )