Tony Taka Calender 2013

Happy Belated New Year!
And with the new year, it’s time to change the calenders…

Tony Taka Calendar 2013

Tony Taka is one of my favorite Manga / Japanese Artist, so , being a big fan of his, I try my best to get all his stuff. For example, his new Tony Taka calender for 2013 is really popular,and tends to sell out very quickly as soon as it comes out in late November. Unlike last year,I waited until the last minute to get it . I was really impressed with his last calender for 2013, so I was really looking forward to his new one.
I got the last one from over at J-List last year, but this time I waited to the last possible moment at the end of December to order the new one. Then I found out that it sold out. I then scoured the Internet to see if there were any Tony Taka Calenders still available. There was a promising lead at an Anime / Manga goods website ( I forgot the name of it at the moment ) which said at their website that it was in stock, but after I inquired about any availability of Tony Taka calenders, found out that even they were completely sold out of them.
This was January 1st.
After my fruitless quest to find this year’s Tony Taka calender, I quietly gave up, and just settled with my Shirow Masamune Sabertooth Cats 5 calender, which by the way, is currently over my drawing desk ( which by the way you can still get it over at Ebay if anyone out there is interested…. )
Fortunately,a few weeks later, near the end of January , last month, I just so happened to be browsing again at the J -List site , just to see if there were anything new there.
To my surprise, there was a Tony Taka 2013 Calender suddenly available again. They must have got an extra final production shipment in recently. That was the good news. The bad news was that there was only one calender left. J-list usually discounts their calenders in January, but since Tony Taka Calenders are so popular, I guess the J-list people thought would make good business sense to still sell it regular price. Despite that, the calenders must have flew off the shelves as soon as they came in, and now there was just one left….
Would I be able to order the last one in time?
I was completely broke at the time, but I would get paid on Thursday, so I was worried if it would still be there by then…
Luckily the Manga Gods smiled down on me, and fortunately the calender was still available by the time I finally got some money. I would have thought that that there would be literally thousands of other people all over the world just like me trying to get their hands on this year’s Tony Taka Calender.
Even though it was much cheaper, I didn’t want to wait for the calender to be shipped via sea mail ( SIX WEEKS!! ), so I opted for EMS. Shipping packages via EMS ( which is actually “Air Mail” is expensive, but fortunately I had some credit at J-list, so it worked out splendidly in the end.

Ordered the Tony Taka Calender on Thursday, got it the next Monday. :)

Cover of the calender ( I really like this picture )

January ( Missed this month, oh well..)

I prefer Shirow’s sexy pirates slightly better..)


And on my wall:

Here are just some of the pictures from the calender (much better quality):







Most of the artwork in the 2013 calender seems familiar – I would not be surprised if some of the pictures look like they were taken from Tony Taka’s previous art books. I don’t know, I kind of liked last year’s calender better for some reason.

Anyway, I’m pretty happy now that I somehow managed to get this year’s Tony Taka Calender after it being sold out practically everywhere.

Anime I’m watching now.

I finally buckled under and got a subscription to the Crunchyroll Streaming Anime Service. While I joined the site, I haven’t joined any of the online community, but I have read their forums in the past.

So here are some of the Anime shows that I’m watching on Crunchyroll at the moment…

1) Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse

This anime was recently added to the Crunchyroll Anime lineup this summer. I recently didn’t know any thing about this anime or it’s background, besides the anime pictures that I saw on sites like Sankaku Complex.
More info here at the show’s very own wiki page.
I have a subscription so I get the episode as soon as it is show in Japan. At first glance, it looks like the standard Giant-Robot-Fighting-Alien-Monsters-with-Cute-Sexy-Girls-in-Skintight-suits Anime.
I had also read that the show was based on a series of popular visual novels in Japan ( I think “Visual Novels” are similar to Japanee PC dating simulators or something. Most Japanese Anime seem to be only 12 episodes, unless they are popular, then they get a full season or more. “Total Eclipse” looks like it will be the latter. It’s an interesting series, the main characters in my opinion need work though, Character archtypes are just too cliched ( Generic “stoic” main character, tiny “Moe” character, extremely busty character,etc. )
I’m currently up to episode 16 – I’ll stick with it. Maybe it will get better..

2) Air Master
At first I thought this was manga artist Oh! great‘s ( of Tenjho Tenge fame ) anime adaptation of his old ” Air Gear ” manga . The shows’s animation style reminds me of the late 70′s / early 80′s kind of TV fighting anime ( ala Dragonball ).

One the surface, the show resembles the Ikki Tousen / Tenjho Tenge kind of high school fighting anime, even though the fight scenes take place off school grounds, like in alleyways. The main character, Maki is not very interesting or fleshed out character-wise, but on the plus side she is sort of a Panty Fighter ( if you’re into that sort of thing hehe ). Interestingly,that type of “fan service”, when shown, is not gratuitous. I think there are 27 episodes. I may or may continue to watch it, I’m on the fence about this anime. I’m currently up to episode 3.

3) Asobi ni Kuyo : Bombshells from the sky
( Aka “Cat Planet Cuties” )
Based on a series of Japanese light novels by Okina Kamino.
This is a pretty interesting series , using the cliche, sexy-alien-girl-staying-with-a-nerdy Japanese ( actually Okinawan ) guy storyline ( in addition to having two other sexy girls vying for his affections as well ). It looks ( at least on the surface ) like an updated version of Manga goddess Rumiko Takahashi ‘s Urusei Yatsura .
You can see them for free at Cruncyroll here, if you’re interested. Funimation released the American dubbed version, it was something like 56 dollars at the Best Buy electronic retail store, it contained both DVD and Blue-Ray discs, I should have bought it when I had the chance, but I just got the Crunchyroll subscription at the time, and I didn’t know at the time that the broadcast series on Cruncyroll was censored while the DVD / Blueray were uncensored…. Oh well..I guess I’ll get it eventually when I have the extra cash…
I think there are only twelve episodes in the anime, I’m up to episode 4. I’ll stick with this series. See where it goes…

4) Puella Magi Madoka Magica
A started to learn about this series sometime early last year, after seeing tons of pictures of one of the fan favorite characters Mami Tomoe. I also heard good things about this series, and was intrigued, even though I heard it was a “magical girls” show.
Update: I finished the series. I recommend it, the show is surprisingly pretty good – a dark twist on the whole “magical girl” – type show ( even though I think that the big bad witch ” Walpurgis ” orgin should have been logically different ( Sorry, can’t go into detail for those who haven’t seen this show – I don’t want to spoil things ). I’d definitely would buy the DVD’s ( if they weren’t so expensive ).

5) Nyorko – San: Another Crawling Chaos
Not really sure what’s going on with this series – I think it’s supposed to be about H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos Monster / Gods personified as cute “Moe” Characters or something. So far, I’m watching the five minute “flash” episodes now, the regular animated ones come later, I hope. I’ll continue to watch it, I guess. I’m currently Up to episode 5.

6) Angel Beats
Meh. I can’t get into this show for some reason. About this guy who is dead and has to fight this girl called ” Angel” or something. I do like the character designs though.
I’m up to episode 2. I May or may not continue to watch this show. Time will tell.

7) Bakemongatori

I’m Up to episode 7 or 8. it’s pretty good. Weird, and interesting. Supernatural Mystery type Anime. And with a sprinkling of Fanservice. I like the good character designs by Akio Watanabe . I think there is also a companion series called ” Nisemonagatori ” as well. I’ll definitely watch more episodes and see where it goes…

8 ) The World God Only Knows

This show is about a Video Dating Sim fanatic ( Otaku ) and the cute Demon Girl that he is “contacted” with to help capture the escaped souls of Hell that possesses cute schoolgirls. It’s ok show – nothing to really write home about. I’m up to episode 5 – And I may or may not continue to watch the rest of the series.

9) 11 eyes

Looks Interesting – strange-looking magic / supernatural Anime ( with “liberal” doses of fanservice, which I don’t mind at all hehe ). I’m currently up to episode 2. I’ll probably stick with this show as well..

10) Star Driver

This pretty weird Anime seems like a mix of ” Revolutionary Girl Utena ” and ” RahXephon “. This show also has the first time I’ve seen a “Magical Pretty Boy Transformation ” scene and err… what looks like a “Flamboyant” Giant Robot.I’m not sure what’s going on, the story is confusing , but I think I may continue to watch this show. I’m currently up to episode 2

11) Inu X Boku Secret Service

Meh… Supernatural Anime Girl with Mysterious pretty Demon Dog Boy Bodyguard. Saw this type of Anime before when it was called “Inuyasha” Watched up to episode 2. Not my cup of tea. Don’t know if I feel like watching any more…

12) ( Demon King Daimao )
Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Ma? ( “The Great Demon King in the Back Row”)

This Anime was based on a Japanese light novel series written by Shotaro Mizuki and illustrated by Souichi Ito. While it has the usual standard geeric “Anime Fantasy World” ( even though it seems to take place in the future ),It’s pretty interesting story and character wise. By the way, this show has LOTS of fanservice for those interested in that sort of thing… :)
The main female character, Junko Hattori tsundere character is also good on the eyes ( She is the one with the samurai sword in the following trailer ).
( You can tell that this show was *VERY* strongly influenced by the Harry Potter movies ).
I’ll also definitely keep watching this series. I’m sure I’ll like it!

Demon King Daimao Opening Trailer

Player 1

So that’s pretty much the Anime shows that I’m currently looking at now, doubtless I will add new titles soon…

My thoughts on the post-apocalyptic TV show “Revolution” and Real Future Doom

There is a new television show that just premiered on NBC last monday night called “Revolution” – executive produced by “Lost creator” JJ abrams pilot directed by Iron Man director Jon Favreau.

Revolution – Trailer

11.7 Million People Watched the show, according to Huffington Post.
The show had an interesting concept, about a post – Apocalyptic world 15 years after all electricity is shut off all over the world, where America has turned into a strange, retro agrarian culture.

I had several problems with the first episode, and I see huge plot holes and problems so far.

1) What happened to all those hundreds of nuclear reactors not only around the country, but around the world ? They their spent fuel rods around the planet would go critical within days after this global Power shut off event happens. Fukushima anyone? Most survivors would have have died from high level of radiation poisoning, as the plants run
wild and have nuclear meltdowns. ( This is also a main plot hole / fridge logic that affects most, if not all Zombie movie / TV shows ). Following any permanent loss of electrical power, all Nuclear power plants, 100 or so of them in the nation, would melt down, more or less immediately. 100 Chernobyl / Fukushima equivalents, just like that. And just in America…

2 ) Everyone still wore nice pristine clothes. Like there are still Walmart or Target stores around or something. Not to mention if they were made of natural materials, they would not last long if washing them by hand.

3 ) How do the young females make it age 20 without having no screaming 4 kids underfoot, let along dieing in childbirth ( Natural childbirth and no Cesarian section surgery would be a death sentence to many women in this post electrical world ) – Birth control would go back to pre-industrial methods ( ie practically none, baring very crude barrier methods) In this world wihtout modern advanced medicine and nutrition, many babies simply would not even make it to age 3, just like what routinely occurred in the past;.

4 ) How does the fat guy still have unscratched glasses 15 years later?

5 ) Why is there a fat guy in the first place? How can there even be a fat guy when all the fast food restaurants and all manner of junk food is a thing of the past. They have to grow all of their food which requires considerable physical labor and the available calories from that effort would be just about enough to keep them going with no surplus calories to be deposited as abdominal fat. Obesity among people living from subsistence agriculture is virtually unknown, unless one of them is a chieftain who sits on his but all day barking orders to others.

6 ) Everyone was too healthy, pretty, buff, etc.

7 ) Women’s makeup seem perfect The woman just stepped from the salon, and most of the men have clean faces and barbered hair.In reality everyone inthis world would be looking like the folks on “Game of Thrones”..

8 ) In an age of warlords and lawlessness, there doesn’t seem to be any town watchmen or lookouts in the community? Those evil militia guys just simply *walked* into the little town / community. taking those community folk unaware.

9 ) Where are the Windmills and steam power engines? Humanity did lead a relatively civilized and technologically complicated existence before electric power and that the Industrial Revolution ran not on electricity but steam.

There are more problems that I noted, but I can’t think of them now – they will come back to me later if I decide to watch another episode.

The show was created by Eric Kripke (“Supernatural”) who wants the audiences to view “Revolution” not as a post apocalyptic disaster series, but more of a positive series about “nature and simpler times”. He and the other creators/ producers on the show explicitly wanted that audiences not have the grim prospect of expecting a dystopian drama.Instead of darker references such as Mad Max, Book of Eli and The Road, they chose instead something along the lines to the fantasy tropes like that of “Lord of the Rings” .

Yeah, right.

I just couldn’t get over the fact how just a short period of time after a totally cataclysmic world event, everyone seems to be doing fine and perfectly well adjusted. There’s a complete lack of pain and suffering in this world given what is supposed to have taken place, and everything is so…orderly. Of course,I’m sure that if it were too realistic, it might scare most of the TV masses from tuning in again… Oh well…
Baring the moderately cool action sequence involving a bunch of swords in a hotel lobby, there wasn’t really anything that really caught my attention during the broadcast of this show.
Looks like NBC is trying to capitalize on the success of The Hunger Games, with the similar concepts and the lead heroine with the bow and arrow setup, etc.
Anyway, I may watch the first few episodes, who knows it might even get good, until NBC cancels it (I’m sure they will – look at “Terra Nova” another show which was an amazing concept, but done incredibly wrong.)

On a related note, I’m very interested in “Doomer” type stuff, partly because I’m sort of planing to do a story / comic about a Post-Oil-Crash-Apocalyptic World, partly because I have a feeling that things will begin to head in that direction globally. the following are some videos that delves further into the whole field:

There Is No Tomorrow

This video ties resource depletion, environmental destruction and the end of growth into a single tidy package. For those of you already versed in this subject matter, this might still be good review; for those of you who don’t, PLEASE DON’T PANIC! Most people who are into the BAU ( Business As Usual) consumerist culture viewing this video will need a couple of years to come to terms with this, and should try to not panic in the meantime…

Nature Bats Last
Guy McPherson is professor emeritus at the University of Arizona, who teaches with a particular emphasis on the twin sides of our fossil-fuel addiction: (1) global climate change and (2) energy decline.

His website/blog is worth the read, and you can also browse his writings and the writings of others, good discussion comments too. He has a good book out as well

Paul Gilding – The Earth is Full

From his website:
“Paul Gilding has spent 35 years trying to change the world. He’s served in the Australian military, chased nuclear armed aircraft carriers in small inflatable boats, plugged up industrial waste discharge pipes, been global CEO of Greenpeace, taught at Cambridge University, started two successful businesses and advised the CEOs of some the world’s largest companies.

Despite his clear lack of progress, the unstoppable and flexible optimist is now a writer and advocate, traveling the world with his book The Great Disruption alerting people to the global economic and ecological crisis unfolding around us, as the world economy reaches and passes the limits to growth. He is confident we can get through what’s coming and says rather than the end of civilization, this could be the beginning! He argues we will rise to the occasion and see change at a scale and speed incomprehensible today, but need to urgently prepare for The Great Disruption and “the end of shopping”, as we reinvent the global economy and our model of social progress.”

The page of this original TED talk is here.

His website page is here.
You can get his book, “The Great Disruption” there as well at this link.

And if after all this you are further interested regarding the coming collapse of civilization, over on there is a really great article by Perry Arnett on what to really expect when the powershuts down for real called
Also ABC News also did a specal Report a few years ago called “EARTH 2100“, which amazingly illustrated what experts say that over the next hundred years the “perfect storm” of population growth, resource depletion and climate change could converge with catastrophic results for Earth and humanity.

Call me a pessimist, but I have a distinct feeling there is no Carpathia steaming to rescue us Titanic survivors – we’re on our own.
( Unless of course, those crazy UFO cultist are right! :) )

I now return you to your regularly scheduled programing of Business As Usual…

Hello Again

Hi there! It’s been one whole year since I posted anything on this Blog.I didn’t even do a “Happy New Year 2012″ post.Now why haven’t I done anything here for so long?
I admit I’ve been lazy updating this page, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been doing any type of artwork, or continue to pursue my little projects.
I’ve recently made a point ( once again, i have to say ) to LEARN and USE all these art / modeling programs on my computer. Right now, I’m focusing on Manga Studio, PaintTool Sai, Painter II,Macromedia Flash MX 20004, 3ds Max, and Google SketchUp.
For the past few months, I have tried to force myself to draw something everyday, and I do see some improvement.
I have also little by little working on my own little world building project ( but I haven’t updated the Kore Project site since 2010.) Fortunately I do plan on posting some new posts there soon. Anyway,a few months ago I purchased this really cool software called Fractal Mapper ( you can also get it here ) to create the land masses and islands of my planet.

Here is a picture of one of my prospective continents for my world project:

Hey, It’s a start.

What really made me buy this software was its’ “Globe View” feature,where you can export your created map onto an interactive 3D globe, where you can turn it all different ways.

I also found another world building software called Fractal Terrains, which is now up to version 3. It looks really good, I plan to buy this one as well soon.

I also want to update my other websites with my recent art and all, I should be getting around to do so soon as well, I’ll put up links here when I do.
And yes, definitely I’ll try to make a point of regularly updating this blog more often.

Futurama in “anime style”

I’m a big Futurama fan, and I was super happy that Comedy Central channel brought it back from cancellation, and are making new episodes.

The upcoming 26th and final episode of the present sixth season called ” Reincarnation ” featured 3 different segments , with each having Futurama “reincarnated” in a different style of animation. One was animated in “a black-and-white Fleischer and Walter Lantz style”, the second segment was done in the style of a low-resolution video game, and the third segment, known as “Action Delivery Force”, drawn in the style of anime

I saw this preview clip on the Youtube channel, so I just had to post it here!

Action Delivery Force

Reincarnation ” is scheduled to premiere this coming September 11th….

( Update one year later ) So FOX blocked this video….Oh well, I’m sure one can find it somewhere on the internet…

Interposer Pro

I’ve been a huge fan of Fredy3D over at DeviantArt since I came there. I was amazed at his renders using Poser assets, along with his own 3D created ones – and since I also have Poser and Cinema 4D 3d software, that finally led me to getting the plug in that he uses, InterPoser Pro.
InterPoser Pro is a live Poser scene and content importer plugin for Cinema 4D.

I’m still feeling myself around this thing, and I managed to do a few decent test renders using the plug-in, as you can see above.

It’s only $75 USD ( It used to be $175 ) after you send in your Cinema 4D serial number, but if you have that 3D software, and want to render Poser content much better than even in Poser 8 or Poser Pro, then I heartily recommend getting this!
( IMHO, It’s much better than that Poser Fusion plugin from Poser! )

Stay tuned…..I’m only just beginning to scratch the surface of this tool…

My First Complex 3ds Max Model

I’ve been busy these past months learning 3ds Max – This is one of the very first models that I made using this software. I eventually want to make more complex shapes, but as the saying goes, one have to learn how to crawl before one can run…..Or something like that …. :)

Who Will Be Eaten First?

Artist Howard Hallis’s parody of Jack Chick religious pamphlets, “Who Will Be Eaten First?”, based upon the H. P. Lovecraft Cthulhu Mythos.
( This actually resulted in Chick’s company, Chick Publications to issue him a cease and desist letter for Hallis to remove it from his website ).

But I managed to find it at another blog site and I hope I don’t get in trouble for posting it here…. :)

Art by Howard Hallis

I think this is an incredibly ingenious work of art , and anyone else who happen to have a good working knowledge of H.P. Lovecraft’s classic “Cthullu Mythos” stories of the early 20th century. Howard Hallis parody of the pamphlets of the well known Jack Chick religious fundamentalist Christian evangelical tracts succeeds in illustrating the main ideas and themes ( not to mention the atmosphere ) of Lovecraft’s Mythos stories.

Happy New Year 2011!

It’s 2011 already?
One year closer to the Apocalypse!
I think it’s also the Chinese year of the rabbit, or something. In that case, I should do a bunny girl picture or something.( I think that the Chinese New Year is sometime early next month, so that should give me more than enough time to do a picture or two ).
But I’m so incredibly slow with doing even one picture, that If I had to do this professionally, I’d probably starve to death out of poverty.
Anyway, one of my new years resolutions ( as it is almost every year ) is that to do more artwork ( I’m not getting any younger! ) – I have a whole bunch of pictures that I still have to finish. And to top it all off, my art skill doesn’t seem to have improved or changed any, I think. I must have about 100 + pictures and sketches in my artistic pipeline now, all in various stages of completion.
I really should at least post some up on my various art websites ( I have about four now, including this one, and they are mostly devoid of my art content for now ). I figure that if I concentrate and work on each individual picture, I should be able to post at least two completed pictures at week for this year.
I really should try to be more motivated to draw more. I recently got a small drawing pad for that very purpose, so that I will have the ability to. I just need the motivation and the will!
That’s one of the reasons that I like the DeviantArts website, there are so many great artiast there, it provides inspiration for me to do my own artwork. Demographic wise, It’s a site that pretty much has a younger ( and I mean under 30 ) membership, and not that many oldsters. The old people that are around are more than likely professionals, or talented amateurs. ( I know that I may never become the former, but hopefully the latter! ).
One of my other new years resolutions is to be serious and LEARN the at least some of the art software applications that I have ( ie, Photoshop, 3DS max, Sai, etc. ). It is getting to the point where I don’t have any excuse not to, even with my busy work schedule.

Modding Plans

I also plan to do some game development / Modding this year. I want to try and create my own character models to use in Crysis and Left 4 Dead. I have 3DS MAx 2009 and Maya, along with Photoshop CS3, so I should have no problem doing them.

I really want to try to do two characters from the Japanese Video Game franchise Onechanbara video game series , specifically from Oneechanbara VorteX ~The Descendants of The Cursed Blood ( which was released in America as Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad on the X-box 360 game console system ).
The first one…
Anna: A special force soldier who meets and allies with the two sisters ( Main characters Aya and Saki ) early in the game. Her military background gives her access to firearms, explosives, and some (although not quite as sophisticated as Saki’s) mêlée combat techniques.

The second one….
Reiko: clones of the original Reiko Mizusaki. a bad turned good character in the series ( well, at least by the time of of the latest game, OneeChanbara:Revolution OneChanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers in America ).

I’d also like to make The main series protagonists characters Aya and Saki down the road, if and when my modding skills improves, and have the time.
Any other models I might be interested in ?
The Malaysian Gaming Modder ” XenoAisam ” has kindly provided his Miku model to the public that he created in 3DS max CG software.

I really want to see if I can try to add my own models, along with XenoAisam’s Miku model, in the games Crysis and Left 4 Dead. I’m sure it can be done…
Below is an exaple of an original creator model used in place of the original Crysis “NOMAD” character model in the Crysis game and the a few original charcters used in place of the original four for Left 4 Dead (2) characters:

Using a Custom Model in 3rd and 1st Person View in Crysis

Miku as Zoey in L4D

Replaced Zoey model with Hatsune Miku in Left 4 Dead 1

Lucky Star Survivor Mods for L4D2

Lucky Star MikuMikuDance models for Left 4 Dead 2 from the VPVP wiki .

Left 4 Dead 2: K-On Edition from the VPVP wiki

Mio = Coach
Ritsu = Nick
Yui = Rochelle
Mugi = Ellis
Azu-nyan = Zoey

K-On Survivor Models for L4D2

Looking at these above examles,, maybe I should try to work on a ” Survivor pack ” of for Highschool of the Dead?

Thats a thought……I gotta see the anime ( let alone get the manga ) now…

Eric Cartman + Cthullu = Totally Awesome ( Part 2 )

Coon vs. Coon & Friends
” In the finale of this epic three-part saga, the Coon shows himself to be even more evil than the dark lord, Cthulhu, as he cruelly takes revenge on his former partners in Coon & Friends. Meanwhile, Kenny wrestles with the weight of his super power via his alter-ego, Mysterion. As the battle rages, it is left to Mysterion and the constantly underrated Mintberry Crunch to save the day. ”

Cartman and Cthulhu teams up to get rid of everything “evil” – First they started with Burning Man event, hippies and Whole Foods, but then moved on to their “most challenging and most evil opponent,” Justin Bieber .
Cartman said he had to kill Bieber “In order to save the Earth,” adding “this little butthole had to be stopped.”

I really liked the dialoge near the end, when Kenny (as Mysterion) confronts Cartman (as The Coon) after Cthullu kills Justin Beiber and his fans:

Cartman (as The Coon): ” I’m making the world a better place.
Kenny (as Mysterion): ” For you! A better place for you!
Cartman (as The Coon): ” That’s what superheroes do!

Matt and Trey ( the guys behind South Park ) really went all out for these three story arc episodes. And If you are a Lovecraft fan, it was a special treat. lots of ” Fan Service” things from the Mythos, like R’Lyeh ( shown not as a submerged Island in the pacific, but sort of a world in another dimension ) , The Necronomicon , Abdul Alhazred ( unfortunately not as ” The Mad Arab”, but now as a Mad Prince!), The Elder Things , and not to mention the explanation of Kenny’s “Resurrection” ability, etc.

The Coon and Friends / Mysterion Arc is pretty much the highlight of South Park’s Season 14 for me , so far.

Eric Cartman + Cthullu = Totally Awesome

South Park is one of my favorite shows on TV. Sometimes there is an episodes suring a season that kind of stands out, and becomes my favorite. the recent “Coon and Friends”, s Three-episode story arc trilogy was one of them.

Coon 2: Hindsight
The Coon has expanded his justice league to include a team of crime-fighters known as Coon and Friends. But another superhero keeps grabbing all the headlines. Captain Hindsight becomes the Coons biggest challenge. While the nation looks for a hero to get them through a national disaster, dissention develops within the ranks of Coon and Friends.

Mysterion Rises
In the second part of this memorable trilogy, Coon and Friends, now led by Mysterion, work together to help save the people of the Gulf from the dark lord, Cthulhu. The Coon, scorned by his fellow super heroes and working alone, is out for revenge.

You could tell that they really reseached their superhero mythology, not to mention Lovecraft lore with these episodes.
I remember once talking to a friend YEARS ago, around the time South Park was just starting, and suggested that there should be a show where Cartman meets HP Lovecrafts’ “Dark Lord” , and the other “Old Ones”, that it would be a wacked episode.
But Eric Cartman actually befriending Cthullu— A Match made in R’Lyeh!

( Part 2 of this post is coming! )

Games I’m playing now…..

About two years ago ( February 0f 2009 to be precise ), a former co-worker sold me his X-box 360 system and a whole bunch of games included fo about 200 dollars. He said that he recently bought a Playstation 3, and was going to concentrate his time on playing that game console / platform .
I myself was planning on getting a Playstation 3 as well, but now I sem to be in the Microsoft camp now with this X-box 360. Here are the games that I’m currently playing on this console platform:


Dead Rising’s story centers on Frank West, a photojournalist who ends up trapped in a shopping mall in the fictional town of Willamette, Colorado, that is infested with zombies. Frank must defend himself from zombie attacks, rescue survivors, contend with crazed psychopaths, and stay alive while still attempting to uncover the truth behind the incident.”
I started playing this game in February 2009, and stopped, then started playing the game again in July 2010.And stopped when I got to the crazy clown ( one of the “crazed psychopaths ” ) part. The seqel came out last month, “Dead Rising 2″,and it looks pretty good.
I’ll try to finish this game next year, hopefully. I’t pretty good, if you like Zombies.


BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is a traditional 2D fighting game. It also now has a recntly released sequel. I got this game around the end of last june, and I constantly played it all the month of July.
I stopped playing the game when I could not beat Hakuman in the ” Vs. Mode, no matter what character I had. MAybe I was just burnt out on it, and needed a break. Planning to continue playing the game again sometime next year.


The hack and slash gameplay involves the player controlling Aya, a Japanese cowgirl in a bikini who wears a scarf and wields a katana. The player is pitted against hordes of zombies and nightmarish boss creatures, who spill torrents of blood when they are attacked.
Aya is often accompanied on her adventures by several other warrior women, such as her younger sister Saki, who appears in most titles in the series
This game got very bad reviews in the American game magazine and shows when it came over from Japan recently. It is from a series of popular budget game titles , which this one is the third or fourth game.
Haven’t really played the game much, but I will try to play it more early next year. it looks like lots of fun.


Dead Space is a survival horror third-person shooter video game, developed by EA Redwood Shores for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows . The game was made available on Steam on October 20, 2008.[3] The player takes on the role of an engineer named Isaac Clarke, who battles a polymorphic, virus-like, alien infestation which turns humans into grotesque alien monsters called “Necromorphs”, on board a stricken interstellar mining ship named the USG Ishimura.”

I heard of this game since it was announced years ago, and always wanted to get this. Fortuantely, I got this game when I got the X-box 360! I was actually afraid to play this game at first, and when I actually did, I tended to die alot.
It looks very good though, I plan to finish it before the sequel, ” Dead Space 2 ” is released next year in January.


Mass Effect is an action role-playing game developed by BioWare.
The game takes place in the year 2183, with the player, assuming the role of an elite human soldier named Commander Shepard, setting out to explore the Galaxy on a starship, the SSV Normandy.

Another game I heard lots of good things about. I actually wanted to play Mass Effect 2, but I have to play the first game first. Now I first heard of ME when the whole “Sex in videogames”
controversy happened around the time of it’s released. So far, I only got to play the very first introductory campaign. Another game I plan to really get in to in the coming year.


Gears of War is a third-person shooter video game developed by Epic Games and published by Microsoft Game Studios. The game focuses on the troops of Delta Squad as they fight to save the human inhabitants of the fictional planet Sera from a relentless subterranean enemy known as the Locust Horde. The player assumes the role of Marcus Fenix, a former prisoner and war-hardened soldier.”
Like Mass Effect, I really haven’t gotten much into this games so far, but it looks really great, It lives up to the hype I’ve heard so far.Another game that I plan to be playing alot more inthe coming year.


” Left 4 Dead is a cooperative survival horror first-person shooter video game that follows the story of four survivors of an apocalyptic pandemic. Set during the aftermath of an apocalyptic pandemic, the game pits its four protagonists—dubbed the “Survivors”—against hordes of the infected.”

THIS is the game I’m playing now – I’m so hooked! I finished the game a week or two ago, and I just recently downloaded the DLC ( down loadable content ) “Crash Course”, and “The Sacrifice “. This was one of the games that I got with the X-box, and for the longest, I didn’t play it because I thought it would be too scary and hard to play. I also downloaded the game on Steam for the PC, and also plan to play the sequel ” Left 4 Dead 2 ” soon as well.
I love this game! :)

That’s about it, these are the “console” games I’m more or less playing now.
As for the games I’m playing on the PC…. That will be for another post!

New York Comicon / NYAF 2010!

First, I want to wish you all a happy 10 /10 /10!!
( This unique date only comes along once a century! )

I managed to actually get into this years’ New York Comicon! I ordered the ticket online, got it a few weeks ago.

This year the organizers decided to combine the New York Comicon and the New York Anime Festival into one giant convention.

One would think that a huge convention hall would be more than enough room for a convention like this. But there were just too many people for my taste. I could hardly move around in the Dealers room.

I think the organinizers of this combined convention are trying to hard to make it like the San Diego Comicon, which unlike this one, had 40 years to grow naturally and gradually, with the resulting increasing organization.

I personally prefer small conventions, the huge ones are too overwhelming at my old age – Most of these con goers are around twenty years younger than I am. As it stands now, I really don’t know whether or not I will be attending next years’ New York Comicon / New York Anime Festival.

Here are some of the many pictures I took at the New York Comicon:

Witch “Special Infected” , from the video game ” Left 4 Dead

Yoko Littner from the Anime ” Gurren Lagann

Lenalee-Lee from ” the Manga and Anime D Grayman

The Joker from the movie, ” The Dark Knight

…..And, my favorite : ) , Princess Leia in her slave outfit from ” Return of the Jedi

I may or may not go to next year’s con, I have to see how I feel ( not to mention if I have the money and time then ! )

New Left 4 Dead DLC, ” The Sacrifice “

I’ve recently gotten really into playing the Zombie Apocalypse Shooter Left 4 Dead ( a game I’ve had for almost two years now before just playing it now.. ). I’ve recently played all of the original four campaigns ( “No Mercy”, “Death Toll”, “Dead Air”, and “Blood Harvest” ).

Recently, the folks at Valve ( the people behind ” Left for Dead ” ) just announced a new ” DLC ” ( Down Loadable Content ) for the game that takes place sometime after it’s last regular campaign, “Blood Harvest”.
The DLC for “The Sacrifice” was already available ( not to mention free! ) on my steam account ( along with other PC users using Valve’s Steam Network ) on October 5th , but I had to wait a whole day for it to also come on X-box ( Well into the following day, October 6th ).

The game was pretty good, I actually had set the Character assignment to “Random”, and I was playing as the “Zoey” character. It was this character that I actually “sacrificed” at the end of the campaign ( The goal of which was for any charcter to sacrifice their life for thier fellow teammate ).

Below is the trailer video for “The Sacrifice”:

“The Sacrifice” Trailer

Guess who bites the dust? Well, if you’ve played L4D2″ own recent DLC “The Passing”, you’ll know…..Since the cat’s out of the bag for months …..

RIP Bill…

Director Satoshi Kon Passes Away at 47

Animation Legend Satoshi Kon Passes Away at 47 of Cancer.

It was a total shock to me when I first read about it over at Warren Ellis’s Whitechapel Forum thread about it. I won’t do a very complex eulogy about his work, I’m sure that there will be many other blogs that will do a much better job than I coould ever do, but I will pay my respects to this great man by briefly reviewing his past works.

Roujin Z (1991) Animator

He worked on this as an animator. I never seen this anime, even though I heard about it when it first came out, being an Katsuhiro Otomo Project.

Memories ( Magnetic Rose ) (1995) Writer

The “Magnetic Rose” section of “Memories” is I think ,the best of the three shorts that made up the film. If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend doing so!

Perfect Blue (1998) Director / Animator

First Satoshi Kon work I ever saw. I think I first watched this in a movie theater in Manhattan. Loved it!

Millennium Actress (2001) Writer/ Director / Animator

I don’t remember where I saw this, it may have been on cable a few years ago. Many parts of this film were slow going, but parts of it was really cool. I think one has to be a big fan of Japanese Film history and Japanese culture and history in general to really understand and appreciate this movie.

Tokyo Godfathers (2003) Writer/ Director / Animator

I admit, I haven’t gotten around to seeing this movie yet, which after today, I’m going to try to do as soon as I can..

Paranoia Agent (2004) Director

First saw this series when It was shown on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim Late Night Block a few years ago. Interesting series, I liked it, especially the last episode. I now want to try and get the DVD’s.

The last scene of the closing credits is creepy cool!

Paprika (2006) Writer/ Director

Another of his latest films that I haven’t seen yet. But I heard very good things about it these past years. I even heard that Paprika was the inspiration for Christopher Nolan’s Latest Movie, “Inception” ( and not 1984 movie, Dreamscape ).

Satoshi Kon was in the middle of production of his latest film Yume-Miru Kikai (The Dreaming Machine) at the time of his death, and it was expected to be released sometime in 2011, but at the moment, it’s fate is uncertain.

Satoshi Kon was a very talented and visionary animator. If there is such a thing as Anime Heaven, I hope he’s doing well there now.

Lightwave 10 is here!

Newtek’s 3D modeling software Lightwave 10 is here!

It looks good, And I do like some of the new features ( the “instant real time Viewport Preview Rendering ” looks nice ) but it’s too bad I can’t afford it now ( I’m still recovering from my Egypt trip last May….
More info about the new Lightwave upgrade here : Lightwave 10

I really don’t need to upgrade to Lightwave 10 right now, I’m perfectly happy using 9.6 ( I’ve had Lightwave for almost three years now, and I’m still learning how to use the software.. )
Besides, I don’t think my present rig is up to spec to even be able to fully take advantage of Lightwave 10′s new CORE technologies…..
Speaking of CORE, they say that one has to get the upgrade \ buy Full lightwave package before the end of next month ( September 30th ), or they will not be able to join the Lightwave exclusive “HARDCORE” membership ( see link above ).
Even though $500 is relatively cheap, I still think that I only see professional and / or FX type studios that have money to spend for this upgrade for use for their cutting edge work.

I’m sorry, but I think I’ll have to miss this upgrade train for now…

Shunya Yamashita ‘s New Artbook Collection III ” One Voice ”

Shunya Yamashita after a long wait of a few years, has recently released a new new Artbook Collection III ” One Voice ” on Jul 27, 2010.

Here is the covers to the collection, and a Japanese ad for the book as well:

I’m a huge fan of Yamashita’s work, I have his last Art Collection ( Wild Flower ), even though I do not have his first art collection : Sweet Dreams ( 2005 ).
Here are just a few of some of his amazing new pictures from his latest art book:

I bought the book while browsing at the Manhattan Kinokuniya store – as soon as I saw it, I just had to have it! ( it was a tossup between Tony Taka’s “Shining Wind” series artbook collection, and this one ). it put me back a good 49.00 ( I did get a discount of $4.90, since I have a Kinokuniya Anime / Manga Member card, so the final price was about $44 ).
I’m quite happy I made the purchase – Shunya Yamashita art, along with his fellow famous Video Game Concept art / Chara Designer artist Hyung-Tae Kim works ( which I also have ), will really inspire me and motivate me to try and do similar works of art.
Stay tuned!

Bryce 7 Pro!

Hmmm…..What’s this?
Another DAZ sale?

Bryce 7 is here! Create your own terrestrial paradise with this highly accessible and professional 3D landscaping and animation tool. With Bryce 7 you can add unbelievable realism with Image Based Lighting, true instancing, improved skies and clouds, and even particle emitters. Plus, the totally redesigned bridge to DAZ Studio allows for seamless integration of the entire DAZ 3D content library into any Bryce scene.

Save 65% on Bryce 7 Pro through August 16, 2010.”

It was on sale, and with my DAZ Platnium membership discount, I only had to pay $34 for the upgrade to Bryce 7 Pro.

I read that Vue 8 is the best 3D landscape software, next to Terrigen 2. but until I can sratch enough money to get those, I will have to make the best with this for now…

The Thread is here .

Update: For some reason, I can’t install the thing on my computer….Oh well….Mind you, I still haven’t learned how to you the previous version , Bryce 6 Pro yet…

Olivia Munn is 30????

The Hot G4 show Co-host and Goddess of the Geeks, Olivia Munn is 30 years old !!!????

It was a shock to me – I had always thought that she was in her mid – twenties ( around 26 ) at most.
( And that Alison Haislip that used to do “The Feed” portion of Olivia’s G4 “Attack of the Show” program – ( who is also doing co-hosting duties while Olivia is off shooting movies and pictorials somewhere ) is close behind her in years too! )

Yes, she’s no longer a Spring Chicken, but look at these pictures!
“30″ must be the new “25″!
Oh well, she really looks good for her age, I hope she can keep it up when she is in her 40′s, like Halle Berry does now….

Happy Birthday America!!!

…To my fellow Americans…..

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Birthday America!

She’s 234 years old today!!

Let Freedom Ring!!

4th Of July Emoticon

Unfortunately, I have to work today AND tomorrow :( , Monday July 5th , ( when Independence Day will be observed nationally….).
Well, the good thing is that it will be nice and quiet here, maybe I can *try* to do some sketches at least.. :P

Just got Carrara 8 Pro….

I recently got a message from DAZ in my e-mail inbox that Carrara 8 was coming out.

Carrara 8 is here! It’s the only complete, all-in-one 3D suite designed to be compatible with DAZ 3D content. This powerhouse will help grow your 3D world and enhance your 3D abilities. Not only can you manipulate existing DAZ 3D content in ways you’ve never imagined, but Carrara 8 gives you the ability to create your own custom content from scratch. What more could you ask for in an affordable, powerful, and complete 3D solution?

Here’s a list of the primary new features in version 8:

• Pro – 64-bit
• Pro – Bullet Physics Library (beta)
• Pro – Network Render Optimizations
• Pro – Negative Lights and Photometrics
• Pro – Editing of Posed Meshes
• Multi-Threading
• Improved FBX and COLLADA Data Exchange
• Plant and Vegetation Improvements
• Render Time Optimizations
• God Rays and Barn Doors
• Normal Maps
• Puppeteer for Carrara

Sale Reg. Price: $549.95
Platinum Club Price: $384.97

Reg price for Carrara 8 Pro is $199.95
Platinum Club Price – upgrade from Carrara 7 Pro $139.97
Extended: Save 65% on Carrara 8 through June 15, 2010


(So in the end, I paid $97.98 for the upgrade)

The DAZ Forum Thread about the new software version is here

It now has support for 64-bit and multi-core processors (plus multi-threading) and network render nodes, if you’re looking for those features..

Carrara 8 Pro is perfect for those non professionals amateurs that who want a pretty good 3D modeling program, but don’t or can’t spend the thousands of dollars for an expensive industry software like 3ds Max or Maya.

( My Blog entry on the last version, Carrara 7 Pro is here , if you’re interested…. )

To tell you the truth, I really haven’t used the Carrara sofrtwares much, It seems that most everyone who is even serious into 3D stuff uses 3ds Max ( for game stuff ), and Maya ( for Animation ).
But I’m sure that i’ll be using it for something one of these days….

Back from Egypt! ( and the Lost series Finale )

Hi Everyone!


I’m back from my trip! ( actually, I got back a little more than a week ago.. )
It was an interesting trip!
Saw alot of ancient Temples, Tombs, and Monuments!

The Temple of Philae by *Shadamachaeon on deviantART

I started my tour in Cairo, then made my way to Memphis, then to Saqqara in the south ( Where the Step Pyramid of Djoser is at ), then to the Giza Platau ( where the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx are located ). I then took a flight down to Aswan, where I started my Nile Cruise up river to Luxor , then back to Cairo and back to ‘Merica.
With the exception of the heat, and the bad food I ate over there, I had great time in Egypt!
I took alot of pictures with my new Nikon D5000 camera, I’ll post some of them here in my Gallery ( I’ll only post a few, I really don’t want to have a huge photo gallery here! )


The final series Episode of LOST was broadcast the same night that I came back to NYC, so I not only didn’t see it, but I had no idea it was even on at that time.
I did managed to finally see it online a few days ago.
What the Hell?
So the “Island” was Purgatory all along?
Still not sure what happened in that episode.
Well, at least it was better than the last Episode of Battlestar Galactica…..

So long LOST!
Now I gotta find a reason to continue to watch network TV…..

( Now, this is how I think LOST
*Really* should have ended: )

(….Courtesy of @sirmitchell )

To Egypt!!!

“Egypt! from whose all dateless tombs arose
Forgotten Pharaohs from their long repose,
And shook within their pyramids to hear
A new Cambyses thundering in their ear;
While the dark shades of forty ages stood
Like startled giants by Nile’s famous flood.”
- Lord Byron (George Gordon Noel Byron),
The Age of Bronze (V)

Going to Egypt in a few hours!
I can’t wait!

Bought a new camera ( D5000 ) for the trip, but have no idea how to use it yet.
Well, I’ll have about 9 hours transit to read up the manual and the D5000 book I got.
Sorry for this being so short, but I gotta finish Packing!

I got Corel Painter 11!

I bought Corel Painter Essentials 2 a few years ago, and I really didn’t do too much with it, unfortunately. I signed up to their website a long time ago, and they periodically send me sales and update information about their products from time to time. Recently, they had some sort of special promotion about the latest Corel Painter software, so I decided to look at it closely, I might just decide to get it.This special promotion thingy said that it would end February 28th or so. The sale also seemed to imply that buying the software was now slashed down from $400 down to $200 or something, but that was not the case. The $200, or more precisely, the $199 price was really just the price of the upgrade from Corel Painter 10. Anyway, after thinking about it for a while, I decided to go and buy the thing. It was slashed down from the regular $400 though, but not by much – Ended up spending about $369…
Even though I also got the Painter 11 User Guide, and the included Jeremy Sutton instruction video,I really have no “real” manual for the thing yet, so until I do, I’ll have to slog through it somehow.
Maybe I can find some practical tutorial for Corel Painter 11 on Deviant Arts or something.
But I’m glad that I have it though. I now have all these major art tools, and I’m at the point where I really have to start learning how to use them!

I have several pictures in the WIP line art stage, and I really want them to look great before I post them here online. I also want to learn more Poser Daz Studio stuff , before I post any more Poser 3D renders as well. I’m really trying to find the time do focus on my artistic endeavors, but usually that’s the last thing on my mind when I come home from work about 8:30 pm…
I guess I’ll have to try and find some time during work…:P

What else…. I really haven’t worked on my art website that much, but I did manage to set up my three webcomic blogs…One will be mainly a sketch blog, another will focus on “American/ European” type artwork, and the third would be more for Japanese – Manga style pictures. I have to now generate content for those now….Well, it looks like I’ll have time to do it now, there is going to be another major snowstorm hitting us here in the Northeast again tonight and tomorrow…Snowcalypse III….Oh boy..

Happy Valentine’s Day , Kiriban, and Family Guy!

February 14th is just another day for me.

I had to work today anyway.
I did send my mom flowers ( They delivered them yesterday ),and she said that she liked them, so that was good.
Oh, I did get a card from my sister, so it was not all bad.

What else….Oh, it looks like my DA profile just past 1000 pageviews recently. Was I supposed to do that Kiriban thingy?
Maybe next time, I’ll do one for the 20000 pageview mark…

I am still working on several pieces, I’m taking my time with them, trying to do as much as many as I can when I can. Working on a dozen pictures at once…Hopefully, they’ll be done at the same time, sorta… I’m no professional artist, I wish I was able to knock out a finished picture in 5 minutes like most people here on deviantArts….

Presently on Carton Networks’s “Adult Swim” block,I’m looking at the time travel episode of Family Guy, when Mort accidentally goes back in time to Nazi era Poland via Stewie’s time machine, and Brian and he follows Mort, and they go on wacky adventures trung to get back to our time.
I think they use the popular Lightwave CGI software to do the Aircraft scenes……..I bet they use cell shading nodes, or something…..I have to learn how to to that, whenever I get around to learning how to use my own Lightwave software, that is…

My Activities During the Second Snowcalypse!

I stayed home yesterday during the Huge Snowstorm here in New York City ( we were lucky to miss the first one that hit here in the Northeast this past weekend, but this time, we weren’t so lucky.. ). Earlier yesterday I spent the morning trying to shovel my sidewalk ( I have a snowblower, which I’m going to definitely have to use later this morning ). I don’t have to go into work today , but I have to come in tonight to cover for someone who can’t make it – I hate to go in, but I’ll do it only for the overtime!!

What else did I do during the snow in….Oh, I decided, after thinking about it, to finally install an upgrade to Adobe Photoshop ,to CS3.
I still plan to use 7.0 though – since even after five years of having the software, I still have not really learned how to use it. That was the main reason why I never upgraded from 7.0 and Illustrator 9.0 – I thought, what is the point of getting new software upgrade, when one doesn’t know how to use the one you already have!
I received the Adobe Creative Suite ( CS3) Design Premium bundle for a Christmas present about three years ago, but I never installed it ( I would have liked that I would have gotten the Adobe Creative Suite 4 (CS4) that was released around that very time,I would have liked to have had Adobe After Effects and Adobe Soundbooth, but hey, I think that CS3 bundle was on sale for that very reason! but I was happy nevertheless! ). I decided to install it today because I wanted to finally start working with the included Adobe Dreamweaver, so I can work on fixing my various websites and blogs ( including making a new custom template skin for this very journal! ). while installing, I decided, what the heck , I’ll install everything in the bundle, I might as well start learning to use the other stuff as well.
So I now not only have Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and Illustrator 9.0, but now I also have their CS3 equivalent upgrade.
Now, I have all these tools, I should really start to use them!
I have several 2D pictures in the WIP pipeline, and I plan to start doing some new 3D stuff soon as well!

Getting the Kinks out of the new place…

I finally managed to fix the remaining problems with this blog after moving to this new domain!!
Many of the plugins that worked in my old WordPress version 2.5 just do not work in this new updated wordpress. Alot of them just could not be updated, so I deactivated many of them. Before I loged out , I checked the blog. It was ok, I had to configure the K2 WordPress theme again after moviing the blog to it’s new home, but otherwise it was visible and functioning….
That was last Friday Night. The next day, I loged into the Blog, everything looked ok in the admin section , but it was only until I checked out the blog itself, that I saw that there was a big problem….
There was the dreaded wordpress White Screen of Death!
I spent the better part of two days and nights trying to fix the thing. I used my “Google – Foo to scour the internet for advice on fixing this common WordPress problem. I tried everything, from deleting and replacing my Plugin folder, Editing my wordpress configuration file ( with the added result that I also managed to increase the security Keys on it , as well as the configutration files of the other blogs ), editing the wordpress settings file to allocate more memory to the PHP code for the blog , deleting and replacing my wordpress theme folder ( the skins for the blog ), to finally replacing all the wordpress files with fresh new ones, ( with the exception of the database, the newly configured configuration file, and the setting file ).
After doing another wordpress update, a forced one, I thought I was in the clear.
Unfortunately, that was not the case….
In my researching of the problem, I read that sometimes the WSOD is caused by a faulty wordpress theme. So I then went to the “Apperances” section of my admin panel, and on that page, I noticed that my old K2 theme was not activated, instead, it was the default Kubrick WordPress theme. Before I chose the K2 theme again, I activated one or two of the other WordPress themes that I had on the page. The I went to see it they worked and I could see my blog.
For each one, I was able to see my blog again!
That left me to re – activate the K2 theme which I tried to do at first – I kept on getting a ” You do not have permission to configure this ” error message. Then I realised that I was clicking on the theme’s” “configure link, not the “activate” link…
Fortunately, the other four blogs that I recently installed three days ago at the Shadamachaeon domain were ok….. Now all I have to do is configure those as well…..That should take me awhile……. Then I will have to start putting some artwork up there as well!

BTW, Speaking of artwork, here are some of my latest stuff posted up over at my Deviantart Page:

I’ll try to post up more stuff soon!

Finally Moved teh Blog to!!

Yes, I managed to do it!
I finally managed to move this blog from my old domain to my new domain.
The old host was more or less a test domain that I’ve had and used for the past 10 years. I really didn’t do very much with it, except using it to host a few of my own personal picture website, etc. I wanted to have a more dedicated website domain where I could use more for my artworks and things, and to also use what I learned from the first website domain.

I not only managed to transfer this blog to the new domain, but I also finally updated it from WordPress 2.5 ( which was the version that I used when I first created this blog ) up to 2.9.1.
Not only that, I also installed four more blogs at this new domain, three webcomic type blogs ( One for random pictures, one for Comic -type artwork, and one for Manga-type artwork ), and one dedicated to this special world – building project that I’m starting to do.

So now I’m getting my new home here on the internet in order. Expect to see lots on great things here in the future!

Welcome to 2010!!

Welcome to the New Year!!

It’s now 2010! A New Decade!
Ten Years after the turn of the millennium!!

I have so many plans for this coming year! I hope that they will be fullfiled…

For one, hopefully, I will be able to do much more artwork this year than I did the year before. I already have several dozen W.I.P. pictures in the process of being done.

First, I have to move this blog to my new Shadamachaeon site……I hope that won’t be too difficult.
I’m also thinking of adding two more Blogs to the new domain,
1) One that focuses on my own planet planet project that was greatly inspired by Furaha and Snaid projects.
2) Two or three comic-themed wordpress blogs , or in other words, “Webcomics”. I’m not sure if I’ll use Comicpress , Inkblot / Webcomic, Wpcomic, or all three. I’ll have to see…
I’m not sure what content I’ll put in it , but I’m sure that it won’t be too hard! : )

Happy New Years Eve! And New Years Resolutions 2010!

Wow, another year has come and gone!
So Fast!

Let’s see.. Time for doing new years resolutions for 2010, but first, let’s see how this year’s resolutions panned out…

1) “One of my new years resolutions and goals are to learn how to use , and master, all the 3D applications I bought this year.”

a) “Quidam 2 Studio” – Nope
b) “Maya 8.5 2008” – Nope
c) “3DX MAX 2009” – a little bit
d) “Cinema 4D ” – a little bit
c) “And I upgraded to Lightwave 9.5 from 9.3
This year, I actually upgraded to Lightwave 9.6 this year, not that I really did anything with it either…Unfortunately..
d) “I now have a ton of stuff for Poser – half of which is cataloged.”

Most of it is now cataloged, not all of it , unfortunately…..I wonder if I’ll even use a tiny fraction of the stuff I have now!

I am not planning on getting any new 3D software this year, maybe upgradee Terrigen 2 3D terrain software, and e GeoControl 2
Maybe Adobe Aftereffects and some other Adobe movie making software. I’ll have to see…”

No, I wasn’t able to get any of those programs this year, maybe next year?

2 ) “I also want to go back to doing 2d type artwork, like drawing on paper, as well as learn how to use Photoshop (I still have version 7.0, I want to learn how to use it before I upgrade up to CS )

I started to do allot of drawing last January, but for some reason or another, the output tapered off tremendously. I only started to do more artwork this and last month, and hopefully, it will continue into next year without stopping any…
I actually have Adobe Photoshop CS3 for a awhile now, but I haven’t installed it yet, since I still trying to learn Adobe Photoshop 7.0. I’ll probably install it, Along with the rest of the Adobe Premire Design Suit 3 Bundle that I have sometime early next year ( I really need the Dreamweaver and Flash components! )

3 ) “Anyway, now that I have most of the bugs worked out of this blog, I expect to post more offten here, and hopefully show some of the stuff I’m doing art-wise.”

I really haven’t fixed all the bugs out on this blog, and haven’t got around to doing the things that I really wanted to do with it…
But most noticeable change here is that I changed the name from “Galactamaeon” to “Shadamachaeon”, since the latter is the name I used first on my Youtube Channel ( which I don’t yet have anything up there at the moment ) and also at my DeviantArts profile page. This is to focus all my sites into one consolidated Art – Name area, at my soon to be activated Shadamachaeon web site domain!
I’m going to have to move this wordpress journal over to the new place, as soon as I figure out how…
And once I do, to change my posting name to ” Shadamachaeon as well!

Anyway…What are my New Years resolutions for 2010?
In addition to some new things added, they’re pretty much the same as last years, I guess…. And then some… :)

4 ) “So, to everyone reading this ( all two people! ) I wish you a Very Happy New Year!”

So, to everyone reading this ( all *six* people now! ) I wish you a Very Happy New Year!”